Friday, May 28, 2010

Running in GEARHART!

Oh Gearhart...I love you!  For the last 5 years some of my closest girlfriends and I have gone down to Gearhart for a RETREAT.  It's honestly the highlight of my year.  It's a great time of reflection for me to see where I have been in the last year.  It also has always been a place that I love to run.  Though the town is about 3 miles long it's hard to get my long runs in there.  I did my first 12 miler there last year...major highlight, though I had to run circles.  I will always remember that run.

This year I changed my training around so I didn't have to do 20 miles there...running circles would be way too MENTAL for me.  It worked out great because Diana had to get a long run in to so we decided we would do a 9 miler together.  Sweet!  WE were both looking to a FLAT course since we both train on the hills around our neighborhood.

These FEET are made for RUNNING!
I always go to the NIKE outlet in Seaside and scored some great running attire and finally got to use my NIKE gift card I won a while back.  I was looking forward to testing out some new gear on the run.  It was a warm day, wait actually it started off windy and cold (see what happens when you wait so long to post about a run) but after we started running it warmed up.  The first mile seemed to take forever but the others came a lot quicker and the last half flew by.  We ran around the golf course and up a street with some AMAZING houses.  It was also nice that it was garbage day so we could easily find somewhere to throw away our sticky GU wrappers...I hate how sticky those get.  The houses in this town are amazing, Cape Cod like.  I love it. 

Shadow pictures ROCK!
And of course we had an all out photo shoot when we got back...How could we not.  No kids, cute cottage, time to spare...Time to spare... almost forgot what that was like....hmmm...don't you just love Gearhart!

Photo Shoot time...

Showing our mucles...and just a sweet picture!

Hmmm, maybe we should have ran a marathon today?

Rock'n Gearhart 2010...we will be BACK!

May 13, 2010 Stats:
Miles: 9:01
Pace: 10:09
Time: 1:31
Calories: 1141


Other Gearhart runs:

I really had no time to run and had to get a couple, VERY quick, short runs in with very little time to spare!

May 15, 2010
Miles: 2.27
Pace: 8:36
Time: 19:29
Calories: 284
Ran into my friends getting coffee as I was just about to finish.  Got some high 5's....nice! Fun to see your friends when you are running.

May 16, 2010
Miles: 2.75
Pace: 9:23
Time: 25:45
Calories: 341
It's funny how much slower you go when your tired. I rolled out of bed for this run.


Hannah said...

Your pictures are too cute!

Amy said...

Too funny. My parents have a condo in Gerhart and you are so right, it is hard to get a long run in there!

Stronger.Faster. said...

awww that sounds like so much fun!

ajh said...

You are doing so many fun runs with friends!

Diana said...

I love our pictures! You have to admit the mascara gives me a good black eye look, especially in the fighter pose! LOVE IT! xoxo Diana

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