Thursday, May 6, 2010

Being CHALLENGED is a GOOD THING! Even if it hurts a little!

I love that in running you can push yourself or maybe it’s that others can push you too. We can push ourselves further than we thought. That is evident for anyone who is training for something. I got to run with my friend and someone who really is my running mentor, not sure if she knows that but that’s how I feel. I will be honest and was a little scared because of her speed but was totally open and kept telling myself “I can do this”, “this is nothing”…trying to turn my fears around to give me confidence which I have to say…it worked. We talked about our route and I told her about a great 5 mile route and we could add a mile at the end if we wanted. The route is hilly but every route is hilly around here. Our run started out downhill which was great and we just chatted. Mile 1 was done and our speed was great and I could even talk which is always a good sign. I loved hearing her give me marathon advice on what I could do after mile 20 when the pain starts to set-in. I love, love hearing advice from those who have gone before me. It was also great to hear how she got into running, which I had never heard before and I could totally relate to hers…we actually had identical stories. Moms who start running to get their sanity back (and to lose baby weight) and end up going for longer runs, enjoying it and then you enter a race and the rest is history…that’s the short story. At mile 4 she decided to surprise me with a route change…um ok. New running territory can throw me a bit but I was up for the challenge. It was HILLY! I was tired but kept pushing it…mind over matter. At mile 5 we had run the entire way with a sub 9 pace! Um…yah that is worth it. Mile 4-6 were totally uphill and after mile 5 I slowed it down as I climbed the steep hill. I even asked if I could stop and she said “no…you can keep going”. That my friends is why it’s great to run with people who get you past those painful points.

May 6, 2010
Miles: 6.28 (10k)
Pace: 9:05
Time: 57
Calories: 791

Splits:Mile 1: 8:29
         Mile 2: 9:14 (Hill)
Mile 3: 8:39
Mile 4: 8:40
                         Mile 5: 9:25 (BIG, New Hill)
                                                                       Mile 6: 10:22 (Hill and recover from sub 9 pace for 5 miles)
Mile 7: 7:45
Some of the highlights of this run (beyond that I got to run with my running friend) are what she told me. We were talking about why we run and I was saying how much I love to inspire people to run because of what it has done for me and she said… I inspired her…I am sorry, what? She inspired me…how could I inspire her? That was so encouraging to me and so sweet of her to say. She also was really surprised at how well I did. She didn’t think she was going to get much of a work out since she thought our pace would be a lot slower… that made me feel GREAT!  Hearing encouragement from a GREAT fellow runner is AWESOME and is so beneficial. Her kind words meant so much to me, especially coming from her.

Some runs just give you confidence, not because they are easy but because of how you pushed yourself and how you can really be surprised by what you really can do. She gave me some awesome advice for marathon day! We are hoping to do this workout weekly which makes me excited about how much it’s going to help my marathon.


ajh said...

You are fortunate to be finding great people to run with. Good job on the run.

Ewa said...

Sometimes there is nothing better to have someone to give this little push to make you go faster and further.
Now you know you can do more than you expected.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Look at you!!! You are doing so great!!! Your pace is dropping and I know how exciting that it!!!! You are going to be more than ready for your marathon! What is your goal?

Johann said...

Good going! You will only get better and better from here.

Sherry said...

You are doing awesome! Congrats for conquering the new hill!!!

Melissa said...

Great job!!

It always makes me want to cry when someone tells me that I inspired them. It floors me that I have had a positive impact on someone!

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