Saturday, June 19, 2010

Marathon thoughts from me and Tips from YOU!

Some thoughts about my MARATHON:
(I had way more of these the other day...I hate writers block)
  • The forecast says rain.  Not all bad because I don't want it to be HOT, but a lot can change in a week.
  • Salt tablets?  Never used them? Would they help with my stomach issues?
  • Pretzels, power bar, oranges?  Are those good choices to eat on the RUN?
  • Oh my gosh it's a week away.
  • I need to EAT right this week!
  • Should I wear my socks that say 26.2 (ankle high, higher than I usually wear) or my fave Road Runner Drymax (shoes line)?
  • Holy crap...I'm running 26.2 miles next Saturday.
  • Will I have to go to the bathroom?
  • Happy my mom is coming Wednesday so I can rest a little more.
  • I'm so glad I can keep talking about my marathon and you are all OK with it and not sick of me talking about it.  Oh thank goodness for bloggy land.
  • Can't wait to meet all of the BLOGGY Friends coming out next week.  I will be so sad if I miss ONE of you so please make sure we MEET, PLEASE!
  • Looking forward to seeing my family and friends at the finish line.

I'm ready to read all the advice you have for me!

I am excited and nervous, but HOW could I not be, right?  Ok folks...I want all the info you have.  Really lay it on me HARD...I want your best advice on what worked for you and what didn't.  What you loved and what you hated about your own 26.2 miles.  Highlights, lows...  Maybe share a tip of what you would tell any FIRST TIME MARATHONER to help them through there first 26.2 miles.   Anything and ALL info is welcome...I don't care if it's about the strange places you put your body glide, the odd cocktails that hydrate you, or just some fun things that made your first marathon unforgettable.  I love advice and want to hear it.  Maybe even some GREAT food you ate the week leading up to your marathon?  Anything about your prep leading up to race day.  Any and all...I will take it!
The Good, the Bad...the ugly!  Dish it!


Julie said...

can't wait to hear people's tips! I'm all the sudden getting really nervous. I wasn't until now. Since I haven't run a marathon (yet) Here are the tips my good friend and marathoner left me....

Seven marathon things for being seven days out.

Race day is an day like no other - use all the things that might normally throw you for a loop (weather, gear, routine askew) to fuel you to the finish. Put all that nervous energy to work for you.

If you wear your ipod like a pair of shoes, in other words can't be without it, don't forget to take one ear out every once in a while and let the crowd be your adrenaline because they are there for YOU.

Find some way to put your name on your body - even if you write it in black down your leg or on the front of your shirt. Hearing people you don't know shout your name WILL get you through the wall because it makes your heart skip a beat!

When you are in 'the wall', pick a person in front of you that looks seasoned and follow their shoulder blades. They can help you get through several miles. My friend Laura used to make me swap jokes with her through those last miles - it is really irritating but it works!

If you aren't carrying your own water, take at least a drink or two at every aid station.

You've done ALL the work and are totally ready. As you approach the start over the next week, fill your soul with all the hard and glorious moments of the journey that will make the finish line yours.

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe in one week we will be running our first marathon!!

I'm so super excited!!! You are going to do AWESOME!

I can't wait to read the tips other people post.

I won't be able to be at the bloggy meet up Friday night, I will have the Team In Training dinner. But I would love to meet up somewhere somehow!

Heather said...

If your name is not on your bib, write it on your bib or shirt. I did this for my first marathon and it was awesome to hear people cheering for me by name. Anytime I have had an orange during a race, it is like a little piece of heaven.

You have done a great job training . . . now just take your victory lap and enjoy! :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Salt stick tabs are for cramping, I think? Not sure that would work for your stomach.

Wear the socks that are the most comfortable. you may want to buy a pair of drymax in case it POURS!! Either way test the socks first.. And the lower the better if it is nice out, tan lines :)

If you have to GO, then find a potty and GO, DO NOT do what I did.

You will be amazing, you have trained and are ready!

ajh said...

Have as much fun as you can. When you are tired know you have a reason. You have been working hard. Don't be discouraged. I tried to wave and smile at my family and friends as much as you can. They were all great and very helpful. Save some energy for the end. I walked some my first marathon but I was NOT going to walk at the finish. Most of all, have fun for as much of it as you can.

Bethany + Ryan said...

Leave it to me to say something "gross"...don't worry about having to go to the bathroom while running. You're gonna wake up and poop like you've never pooped before!! And when u get to the race you'll probably go again, maybe even a third time. Don't mistake it for stomach issues or anything bad. Its normal, just nerves. And don't be surprised to get butt-crack chaffage. Did I spell that right? Best advice- DO NOT bend over in shower after marathon!!! Splash some water in their slowly first! LOL :-) or better yet, body glide/vaseline ur butt. :-D I bet u r even more excited now!
Have a GREAT week jill!! Be proud and feel confident!! We are all rooting for u!

Molly said...

Holy cow, the whole going to the bathroom thing is something I've wondered about!!

I hope you have a wonderful race, I know you'll do great!

Rachel said...

you are SO ready mentally and physically, you're going to ROCK it!! my tips:

-the seattle course is really beautiful, so enjoy it!
-talk to other runners
-don't focus too much on time, instead relish every moment (good & bad) because you only have one first marathon : )
-do what works for you in terms of fuel - pretzels and oranges are great choices!
-write your name on your shirt and wear something that stands out so your spectators can easily spot you
-focus on hydrating, nutrition, and good sleep NOW!
-wear your fave socks
-expect the unexpected. i had knee issues all during my training, then come race day they were fine but my foot, a totally new thing, killed me!
-know that at some point it will hurt, but embrace the pain because it means you're doing something extraordinary
-be proud of yourself and SMILE, even when it starts to hurt - it makes all the difference!

GOOD LUCK!! can't wait to hear how it goes : )

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