Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Running Through Grad Parties & Sunglasses!

Loren rarely travels away from home but got a great invitation to travel with our friend to Denver. He was gone from Wednesday through Sunday which meant a busy weekend for me. I have to say I am so Thankful for my husband and all that he adds to my life. I take him for granted a lot and don’t realize the support he really is to me and our entire family. I missed him and was so happy for him to be home. Sometimes you don’t realize what you got ‘till it’s gone…I should write a song about that…oh shoot, someone beat me to that.

Anyways I say all this because I wasn’t sure if I would get another run in this weekend. (How do all you single parents do it?) We have had a great weekend in Washington with some wonderful, warm, SUNNY weather. I was looking forward to getting a run in to help turn my bad 10 miles around in my head. The only way to fix a bad run is to do another run! I was able to get 4 great miles in and enjoy the houses filled with graduation parties. I think I saw 4 or so parties going on in my short blossom drive loop. The smell of hot dogs is not that great when you’re running and I like hot dogs. Ok…back to my run…had a great pace going and was feeling good. Oh and I was really excited because after a year of running I finally got a pair of running glasses! I was looking forward to trying them out and I LOVE THEM. Sports sunglasses don’t win a lot of awards in the looks department and are so $$$. Glasses cost more than my running shoes…I don’t think so. I found a great pair online at Road Runners for $35.99 and they are PINK. They were the first pair I didn’t hate when I first looked at them…they still look sporty, but hey…you have to compromise in this running world.

Sporting the news shades and the skirt, well the skirt isn't new.
(Max took this...and he didn't cut my head off...this could be good)

June 13, 2010 Stats:
Miles: 4
Pace: 9:03
Time: 36:17
Calories: 504

Max, say Cheese...Saying cheese and looking at he camera phone is hard to do.


Jen said...

I love my "cheaper" shades too. I lose them more often than my keys, so I would be completely insane to spend more than $35 on them.

On the flip side, I found my #2 shades that I had lost under my bed (#1 I lost in the ocean so if they turn up on your coast, let me know). Now I have 2 shades. I feel so lucky.

Jen said...

Super cute shades and skirt! I'm glad you had a good run after that yucky 10 miler. It's true that stress really plays a role in how we each individually run. I was really upset during one run and ran faster than I ever have before on a long run. But I sure didn't feel good. Good luck on your upcoming marathon. It's gonna be so good!

Julie said...

very cute glasses! i guess it is time for me to splurge on some running shades. The pac-nw sure hasn't given us much sunglass weather...but hopefully it is around the corner!

Lisa said...

Cute glasses. Now I wish mine were pink :)

Sarah said...

I agree on most running shades not being cute. However, those ones are cute! Or at least you make them cute!

momof3 said...

These days I only buy "shades" at Target (Chez Tar-je) because I'm a LOSER. Well, a glasses loser. They don't hold up that well, but right around the time they start to fall apart, I lose them or loan them to my 10 year old *which is like throwing them in the trash because they'll be lost immediately. Super cute outfit though! Good Stuff!

By the way, right before my marathon last Nov I went through a little "angry with Running" phase. It passed after a few days and I was able to rock out my marathon and enjoy it. I pray that you will be able to set your bad news behind you for one day, and do the same.

Tricia said...

too cute

great run

Alma F. said...

nice glasses! I just got a pair a couple summers ago after always squinting while I ran and now I wonder how I did that so long! hope you feel a big difference!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Great glasses!! Love them!
Glad you got a run in while the hubby was away!

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