Friday, June 18, 2010

Reflection on my LAST LONG run before 26.2

Taper Madness Day 3 or at least post 3 about TAPER MADNESS.  Today was a great running day.  I had an 8-10 miler scheduled which I knew was easy compared to what I have been doing, but coming off a hard, mental run last week I knew I shouldn't tell myself it would be easy.  I kept an open mind and was open to whatever would happen.  Waking up a little later than usual I had to get moving quickly which is hard to do when you need time to eat and wait before running.  Thankfully hubby was working from home and got both the kids ready while I got breakfast ready.  Breakfast has been so yummy lately.  Doing oatmeal on the stove, (instead of the microwave) I add cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and honey....soooo GOOD.  Reading (from other bloggers) about the Clif Builder bars I had to try them and I ate half of a Peanut Butter one today and they are TASTY.  Loaded the kids and got them to there classes at the gym and got ready. 

I had forgot to tell you that when I bought my glasses I also purchased some Nike Armwarmers.  Our June here in Washington has been less than ideal...we wait all year for Summer but obviously the weather could care less about that.  Oh sorry...rambling again.  Saying all that, it was COLD this morning so it was a perfect day to try them out and I LOVE THEM!  I had tried some on in the store that weren't Nike and they were ok but then I tried the Nike and they were GREAT. 

Ok, My started out great and was feeling good.  I kept trying to decide which route to go and decided on good ol' faithful route which I haven't run in a while.  It's a decent route that takes me up Mile long hill with a little downhill and a little crawl back up with it ending at the base of Nice Hill.  This was a great run, wonderful and just what I needed.  Had to make one bathroom stop, but other than that is was smooth sailing. 

Today's run was a day to reflect on my training and also to Thank God for all he has shown me in the last 6 months.  You start training for a marathon for the physical stuff but so much happens beyond what you you can ever imagine.  Its incredible to see how much you change from training.  The last few weeks, during my long runs have been emotional as I think about how far I have come and the miles I have put in.  Not sure if these emotions will always come out or if it's just first marathon emotions.  Learning that you REALLY can overcome something you never thought possible makes you wonder what else you are capable of.  Reflecting on last year when I finished my first half marathon and said I will never do a FULL and now look, I am a week away from actually doing it.  Training is everything and when you commit and set your mind to something it's really amazing what you can and will do.  It's not easy and at times you question if you can do it.  Well at least I do and did.  But each run, each step, each breath brings you closer than ever before.  That's a GREAT feeling.

Maybe my run was great because of all of this reflection or maybe it was the builder bar or my arm warmers, who knows but it was good. I couldn't believe my splits.

June 17, 2010
Miles: 9.29
Pace: 9:11
Time: 1:25
Calories: 1170

Mile 1: 9:07
Mile 2: 8:54
                          Mile 3: 10:17 (Mile Long Hill)
Mile 4: 9:10
Mile 5: 9:02
Mile 6: 9:03
Mile 7: 9:25
Mile 8: 9:36
Mile 9: 8:40
Lap 10: 7:39



You are going to do great next week! So excited for you. And because I am obsessed ... what are you wearing?

Madison M. said...

Good Job on such a great run!! Your going to rock the Seattle Marathon!! :)

Heather said...

Great job on your last long run. You are ready to go!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

Great job! I am getting so excited for your race!!

Julie said...

Hi Jill,
You are doing awesome! Your nine miler was fantastic....great pace:) Enjoy the rest of your taper! Looking forward to reading all about your upcoming marathon:) Have a great weekend!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

I'm kind of jealous of those arm warmers - we're burning up here in Texas!

What a great run you had! I think it was all of those happy thoughts that did it!

Jennifer said...

Great pace and nice run. I would be happy to switch locations with you for a bit, hot humid 90+ degrees, the daily thunder storm is already buiding. Have a great remaining taper!

Sherry said...

Congrats on your last long run before the big day! It is so nice seeing how you talk about not wanting to do a full before and now after the training you are ready. I am sooooo trying to talk myself into my first full this November!!! It's a stretch but I so want to committ and do it! Thanks for your inspriation - can't wait for the race report!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

i love those runing mind epiphany's. They're what keeps the fire fueled for me.
So, the big race is on the 27th. nice!

Diana said...

You look so hot... runner chick!
Great Job again!

Julie said...

woo-hoo! Way to go on your last long run. doing mine tomorrow. love your reflections.

ajh said...

How great to have your last long run behind you! Can't wait to hear all about the marathon!

Tricia said...

awesome job!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

What a great last long run! You are READY! I can't (actually I can) believe your times! It is pretty cool how this whole marathon training thing works, huh?!

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