Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running & Hot Weather

Oh wow…I have over 70 followers…That is so exciting. Thank you and WELCOME all new bloggy followers. I really need to get it together and do a giveaway soon. I have been thinking about it for a while now. What have been some of your favorite giveaways? Sometimes the simplest things are the best? Well I don’t know about you…so tell me your thoughts.

A GREAT big THANK you to those who responded to my “Please HELP” post yesterday. A few of you even sent an email with some great info. I love BLOGGY WORLD. THANK YOU for taking the time to comment and to give me some helpful info and thoughts.

Oh running and HOT weather. Ok so some of you might not think it’s hot, but for those of us who have been watching the rain for months now, 65 is HOT, well at least it seems hot, really hot when you’re running. The last two days I have enjoyed my runs in the sun and have been feeling the heat. How do you do it for those of you who run in 85+ degree weather? I was praying today that it would be a cool June 26th day for my first marathon. I would say I was a wimp, but I have birthed two children so that can’t be true.

It’s funny how a route you hate during a speed workout can become your favorite route. I think I like it because it’s in my neighborhood and if I need to I can stop at my house for a bathroom break and it’s mostly on back roads and it’s a challenge with hills at the end. I guess as much as I like a flat course I also like the challenge of the hills, the new hills. Call me crazy, but what runner isn’t a little crazy? Plus the views of the sound and the mountains add to the beauty or it’s the downhill part of the run while I see those views….good views, downhill…it’s all good.

Monday I took the shorter route, about a mile less.

June 7, 2010
Miles: 5.17
Pace: 9:39
Time: 49:52
Calories: 651

I decided to leave my iPod at home and just enjoy my breathing, footsteps and the view. It’s strange how as I am walking out the door with my iPod I question if I should leave it and the first few moments of my run I still wonder if I should have brought it, but then I get so caught up in the run and my thoughts that I forget about it. Strange how I used to think I could never run without it and now I really enjoy the runs with no music.

June 8, 2010
Miles: 6.25
Pace: 9:39
Time: 1:00:15
Calories: 790
My friend, Diana, who I have mentioned before has finally put her blog together. So go visit her and leave her a comment. Welcome to the BLOGGY WORLD Diana! The name of her blog is Done the Run. Tell her I said hi! Diana is not just my friend but also the captain of our “You Go Girl” half marathon and 10k in September. The name of our team “Will Run for Ice Cream”. I can’t reveal it yet, but oh man are we going to have some cute outfits.



tips for surviving the heat: run early, drink A LOT, wear less clothing, find shaded routes, run on the treadmill ...

We are going to be so cute in our "team uniforms"

Angela said...

By the time I'm through running (even in the morning) it looks as though I just stepped out of the pool. I live in South Georgia and at this very moment it's 10:29 a.m. and 79 outside. I love summer but this heat kills me every single time.

Don't really have any tips except to run as early in the morning as possible.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

It was HOT last year at Rock N Roll.. I PRAY that it will not be this time. The weird thing was I was FREEZING after the race..

Will Run for Ice Cream will be FAB!

Dawnie said...

You do get used to the heat if you live in a hot area, but you also end up running very early in the morning or very late at night to avoid the sun. (When I was living in Chicago, I'd *start* my long runs at 5 or 6 in the morning, so I could get done before it got too hot.)

Since RNR day could be sunny & toasty, it might not be a bad idea to try and get a couple of shorter runs done in warmer weather (it's supposed to be hot & sunny this weekend!). Take plenty of water, wear a hat, use sunblock. Also, pouring water over your head is an awesome way to cool yourself down. You can also put ice cubes in your hat or down your bra/shorts. (Some races will have ice at the aid stations if it's really hot.)

For me, the sun is a bigger issue than the heat itself. I can't believe how much hotter 65 & sunny feels than 65 & cloudy.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Florida runner here, where is is easily still 85 degrees well past 9 pm, and with so much humdity you can cut the air with a butter knife. But as another reader mentioned, you get used to it. I prefer the hot and humid to the cold, just cause thats what i am used to. Just stay hydrated and stay out of the sun as much as possible (early morning or late night runs are a MUST!) but to me, nothing feels better than a long run that leaves you looking like you just jumped out of a pool:) Happy running!

Julie said...

oh man, "RUN FOR ICECREAM???" perfect!! my mantra.

Johann said...

I don't do well in the heat. I train early in the morning and maybe that's part of my problem. I must do more heat training. I was reading earlier about runners training in a sauna to get ready for Badwater.

Madison M. said...

Its 65?? Shoot this morning at 5:45am on my 6 mile run it was already 72 degrees.. Right now its about 3:30 and I belive its in the low 90s.. Gotta Love Kansas weather.. Ohhh and on top of that its friggin humid as no other! BLAAHh! I would love to live there where its 65 :)

Molly said...

this has been such a weird spring, we've already had several 80 degree days. I've been upping the water like crazy.

Cindy said...

Hi Jill...ran into your blog...congratulations on training for your first marathon. I like 60 degrees and cloudy.

Heather said...

Love the run for ice cream name - that's awesome. My sister and I want to make t-shirts that saw "will run for chipotle." :)

k2323 said...

Thanks for putting up the link to Diana's blog. I tested out part of our uniform at the Helvetia Half this past weekend and it worked well! Oh, and I "will run for Chipotle" too!

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