Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh running...

Stats for 1.22.10:
Distance: 7.10 miles
Pace: 10:43
Time: 1:16:05
Calories burned: 919
966.09 - 7.10 = 958.99 miles left to run in 2010

I love to burn those calories, just wish my body felt up to it as much as my mind did! I knew I had my long run of the week today and I was going to go for 8 but than talked to my dear friend, Kate who has run 4 marathons and she said to not push myself too much, to early on so I don't burn myself out. I opted for a 7 miler which wasn't bad except I had my 8 miler all mapped out and to lose a mile was going to take some creativity. My body felt tired from the start and I was hoping that it would loosen up after a few miles but knowing I had some good size hills in front of me I was a little worried. The weather was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of this week so it was a little chili out today. It's strange how you have some days that are great and than others that are just ok. Well I got my miles in for today and am happy to have it behind me. I have a long way to go to get to my is the fun part...right? Yes it is...working towards something and achieving it is wonderful.
On a side note...I was so bummed to lose one of my favorite socks, Balega...I just lost one of them and have missed my cozy, cushy socks. I never buy more than one pair until I test them out to see if I like them...fell in love with these and having been needing more. I have been using some cheap ones and couldn't wait to get some new socks. Went to Road Runners in Kent and they were on sale so I got 2 packs and now I am set. I have run the last 2 days with them and LOVE them! They are RRS Drymax , but the thicker ones. Strange how socks can make a difference.


Melissa said...

Sorry about your sock. I know what you mean!!

Casey said...

Hi! I found your blog through another blog! Just thought I would say hello! I'm also training for a marathon in May and am in the 1000++ club! Good luck to you in your training! :)

run again said...

Great blog! thanks for sharing your (socks) experience :) now I can't wait to try them too

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