Monday, January 11, 2010

Starting 2010 RIGHT!

I meant to log my first run after I started my running blog, but that never happened so we will start with 2010. This actually works since I am going to try and run 1,000 miles over this next year. My friend and running buddy, Mel aka Tall Mom on the Run, has a club for those of us who made a goal of 1,000+ miles for 2010 and since I decided to make this a goal before I knew about the club I figured I might as well join the club and have a group to work with. Looking forward to the next year and all that I will learn in each of those miles.
I have taken a little break from running, not really on purpose but due to weather and laziness I wasn't running as much as I was in the spring and summer. I of course gained some of this lovely weight back and now have to work it off...again! Nothing like running to work it off. I hate having tight jeans!
I am trying to figure out how to work the running in during the week and also weight training. I tend to just want to run, but I also know lifting is important too. I have a great lifting routine that really helped my core last year so I will continue that even if it's only a couple days a week.
Getting back into running when you have only run a few days a month for the last couple months can be difficult. More weight on my body slows my down and so does my lack of running, but I know it will come back.
Yesterday I set out on a run which I had hoped to do on Saturday but due to a friend who I haven't see in way too long I had to delay which is so hard when you have mentally prepped for a good run and it was a perfect running day but oh well...Sunday worked too even if it wasn't as convenient! This was the second time I was going to try a new route because I am just bored with my usual route. The only hard part is the whole first mile is up hill! Gotta love my neighborhood. The beginning was hard and got my heart rate going but after I recovered from the hills it went well. I was running so slowly but I felt good so I figured that really doesn't matter and I will get faster as I train.
1.10.10 Stats:

Miles: 4.38
Time: 49:45 (told you I was slow)
Pace: 11:21
Calories burned: 567

993.64 - 4.38 = 989.25  miles left to run in 2010

Total miles for week 1...10.74 
Not where I need to be to get to 1,000 miles but I will get there!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You will have high mileage months to balance it out. If not we will run 20++ at the end of the year..

Hugs and welcome to the land that is Bloggy-runners.

I have been so fearful of gaining weight and getting out of shape that I have stayed set in my routine, but I have a true lunch break..

Are you going to run the mercer half?

Stephanie Nichole said...

Hi!!! Mel has your blog posted on her site. I wanted to stop in and say hi and that I'll add you to my list of blogs to distract myself from work with :) Also, good luck with getting into a running routine! It can be hard... esp. in the winter, but it sounds like you already have a good start. GOOD LUCK!


Becca said...

I got to your blog from Mel's...welcome! Look forward to hearing about your running!

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