Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I feel good...nu (x4), so good!

Stats for 1.26.10:

Distance: 4.05 miles
Pace: 10:15
Time: 41.34 minutes
Calories burned: 522

953.99 - 4.05 = 949.94 miles left to run in 2010

Great run! It was a beautiful day. Loving this weather.  I felt very good from the beggining which makes for a great run. 

A couple giveaways!
Also check out some great things to win at Thomas's blog "Beyond ACTN3 Friends Appreciation Giveaway" Ends on 5 p.m. Pacific Time Zone on Friday, February 12.  GOOD LUCK!


Tricia - Nathan Fuel Belt Ends 2/2


Melissa said...

Amazing mileage so far!

Thomas said...

Thanks for the plug, it is much appreciated!

Which event have you chosen for your first marathon? So excited for you!

Becca said...

Great Run!!

Manderz said...

Great run!! way to rack up the miles

Anne said...

Yay for the great run! ...will be following you along this journey to your first marathon. I'm still working on training for my first half :)

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