Thursday, January 21, 2010

Almost didn't but then I did!

Tried taking a picture of the 3 of us...not an easy task.  Out of 8 pictures...this is the best one and it showed everyone face!

Stats for 1.21.10:

Distance: 3.25 miles
Pace: 10:03
Time: 32:37
Calories burned: 422

I almost didn't run due to numerous reasons, busy, not feeling great and the list goes on. It's so easy to make reasons not to run and a lot of them are valid, but that is the exact reason why I signed up for my marathon because when you are training it makes it more of a "I HAVE TO" or else, so I figured even though I wasn't going to do a long run today since that is tomorrow I should just do it because I will feel way better if I do. And I did and it was amazing due to the weather being unbelievable today! It's summer in January. I didn't wear my jacket, no gloves and even almost wore my capri running shorts...crazy I know! Live it up! It was a short run with 1 big hill about a mile long. My pace for the first 2 miles where great, 9:53 1st and 9:26 2nd and then came the hill which put me at 11:05 for the hill but overall a great 3 miler!

969.34 - 3.25 = 966.09  miles left to run in 2010



Great job getting out there!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love the picture.. Way to get the run in on a rough day..

Amy said...

I found your blog through Tall Mom's blog. I am also a young mom running towards a goal. I am running my first half-marathon on May 2nd. Good luck and if you have a moment check my blog out :)

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