Monday, February 27, 2012

5-Mile Friday...

You remember, Rachel! 

  These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when we ran 4-miles.  We get together on Fridays, when we can and run together.  She is working towards running her first half marathon in June at RnR Seattle!  This last Friday we got together to put in some miles and were only going to go about 3 or 4.  It was a great running day!  I got to mile 2.5 and decided we were going to go a little further and I knew she could do it.  I broke gave Rachel the good news and we headed the other direction.  There is a big hill on this 5-mile route but after the hill it's mostly down hill...which is a perfect route for me!  Up and then finish on the down hill!  Bring it!

We took it slow up the hill and celebrated at the top with a high-5!  I was so proud of her for pushing herself beyond what she thought she could do.  I LOVE seeing people surprise themselves...

Running is SO mental!  You think it's physical when you start running, but then you realize as you get into further miles that's all about the MENTAL toughness!  Dealing with the negative talk and your body telling you to have to train your mind to RE-FOCUS and PUSH through!  It's all about the mental games and learning how to WIN.

Rachel ran her furthest that she has in a while!  She ran the entire way and did it!  I couldn't be prouder of her.  Those days that you push yourself beyond what you thought you could do are what makes the journey to a half/full marathon so WORTH it!  You run through the walls and realize that you CAN DO IT!  You prove that you CAN DO IT and that you WILL DO IT! Sweet VICTORY!

Enjoy the JOURNEY!

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