Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's still THURSDAY, right?

1.  I love swimming, but there are a few things I don't love about it..
Can you see?
How about now?
There you go...a little closer!

 Now we have it!  I get to walk around with marks on my eyes!  Sweet!

Nothing says "I just swam", like goggle eyes!  Oh and the hair, my frizzy hair...yah looks awesome from all of the chlorine!  My nails...those are a site to see too.  Don't waste money on a manicure because the chlorine will ruin that too! I know a lot of people who don't swim because of all of this, but as much as I don't like frizzy hair and goggle eyes...I would not change what I'm doing!

2. Had some free time this last weekend and went bike shopping!  Oh wow!  Though my husband thinks we can just swap out those handlebars and tires on my mountain bike, I think not.  After test riding a road bike and how much lighter it is and easy to ride.  Who knew switching gears while going up hills was possible!  Clearly it's been a while since I have rode a nice bike!  It was so much fun to ride!  I only wish I had more time for the test ride! 

 Of course with a new shoes!  These should work!  Even though I DIDN'T buy the bike...a new pair of shoes never hurts!

So I couldn't afford a bike, but I could afford these new shoes!  I'm really getting out of the box with green flats...I feel so CRAZY!  I'm usually a black shoe type of clearly...I'm living on the edge!

They might have some for you too...

3. Dance-A-thon!  My son had a fundraiser at his school and instead of selling cookies, candy, gift wrap and other, overly priced items...they had a DANCE-A-THON!  Genius idea, I thought!  Max was super excited and couldn't wait to GET MOVING!  Because I'm new to this whole school and fundraiser thing...I didn't really make any calls for money!  But at the last minute we called some family member's and begged asked them to support Max's PTA and donate to the DANCE-A-THON!

What's better than a DANCE-A-THON...a DANCE-A-THON with your little brother!  
Cole was all about it!

The Dance-A-Thon was a MAJOR success and all the kids had a blast!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I love when schools do walk a thons, or dance a thons, I'd much rather the money went straight to the kids, not through a vendor.

Ricole said...

Goggle marks are THE WORST!!!! Mine seriously take hours to fully disappear!

ajh said...

The smell too. My students tell me I smell like chlorine.

Kerrie T. said...

I had goggle eyes on Wednesday morning. Just covered it up with makeup! The hair, though, that goes in a knot. No plugs for hair dryers at the school pool.

Love the dance-a-thon idea!

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