Wednesday, February 15, 2012

W.W-Valentines Edition!

I am not CRAFTY!  If you know me, you have probably heard me say that before!  But I can copy crafty things if someone does it for me if I see something.  THANKs to pinterest, I feel a little more crafty after Valentine's day.  I'm one of "those-moms" that never makes homemade cupcakes, I don't remembers share day, slipper day and especially things like valentines day.  A friend reminded me of valentines last week and I realized I needed to get the kids something for their school party's, but didn't like the store ones so much.  Inspired by what I saw on Pinterest, I decided to give it a go and try to make our own.  I found the simplest one that was one I could handle!  I loved that it wasn't candy!  

Getting the paper the right size and the right font was the most time consuming part...and cutting too!  Other than that it was easy and the boys loved doing it.

I also made these, but they didn't turn out as well due to not being able to find square pretzels, but I worked with what I had and they tasted yummy! I had some tags left for the boy's valentine's and put some of these pretzels into a baggie for the teacher.  I'm so crafty!  

Dinner with my Valentine!  We had a wonderful night out with an amazing dinner with our best friends and then a movie after!  Great night!  


Deb said...

I LOVE those valentines, and I am stealing the idea for next year.

I was that Mom this year that just sent cards. I seriously didn't realize how crazy Valentines has gotten. It's like Halloween! Who needs all that candy?

H Love said...

great idea...and I would call that a bit crafty!

ajh said...

I love those balls. I may have to steal that idea for my students next year. Mine is not crafty but the kids love it.

I write "I chews you for my valentine." and attach a stick of gum.

Marlene said...

Oh those little pretzel treats are amazing. I made some at Christmas... love the Valentine's theme!

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