Monday, February 6, 2012

My Schedule and a BRICK!

My workout schedule:

Monday: 1 hour 15 minutes at Masters Swim
Tuesday: 30 minutes of Weights with my Personal Trainer, 30 minutes of Cardio
Wednesday: 1 hour 15 minutes at Masters Swim
Thursday: 30 minutes of Weights with my Personal Trainer, 30 minutes of Cardio
Friday: Run, bike and whatever else!
Saturday: Bike & Run
Sunday:  Get ready to do it all again!

This is what my workout week has been looking like!  A few things are set in stone, Masters Swimming on Monday & Wednesday mornings and weights on Tuesday and Thursdays.  I try and get cardio in on weight training days, but after being up at 5am...weights is all I have energy for sometime.

I have to figure out how to get on the bike more, which should start getting easier as the weather improves.  Also hoping the new bike will be a major motivation.  I have thought about doing a spin class on Fridays and then doing my run, which would be FANTASTIC, I think.

Rest days have been hard to come by since I don't feel like these are difficult workouts.  I have to say this is a major change for me.  I usually love and respect my rest days, but these days I have a hard time finding a day to skip working out.  This will probably ware off, but right now the excitement has got me going!  Plus I think when I start an official training schedule and am working towards a goal...the workouts will be more intense.  I'm kind of just getting things moving and the body used to all three sports.

Ahh, first of many Brick workouts!  I should put that crown on in the background!

Last week I decided I would do my first brick workout!  I think I picked the coldest day of the year to do it..which is typical of me.  It was BEAUTIFUL, but FREEZING!  I was so excited to ride my bike outside, I really didn't care about the freezing temperature!  I got my shoes and other running necessities ready so my tranistion from Bike to Run would be quick.  I wore my garmin and good thing I did because my bike calculator was way off.  (How could being in the shed for at least 6 years ruin my bike caculator? lol)  I rode for a little over 5 miles and LOVED it!  Hills are hard, but what's new?  I even used my ipod shuffle, but only in 1 ear!  Do you ever listen to music on your bike or is that a total No-No?

Got back and put on my running shoes!  Switched my Garmin to run mode and I was off!  The bummer about bike to run is that your mental state is all in, but your legs don't want anything to do with your run!  Which is hard...seeing as you need your legs to run!  I had high hopes for a 3-miler, but through the run and deciding that I am crazy for even thinking about doing an Olympic and half ironman...I cut it short...I only ran 1-mile!  But hey...we all have to start somewhere!  My old motto was, NEVER, EVER make decisions about a run going UP or DOWN hill and I will add to that...NEVER make any triathlon decisions while doing a brick workout.  Riding the bike you will be stoked, but while running...maybe not so much!

I'm excited to get better at the BTR (bike to run) since I know that will be the toughest part for me in my triathlons.  My focus will be BTR and putting in miles running.  Long runs can only help me!

The Masters Swim group I'm a part of is putting on Triathlon Training swims for 4 weeks and I might add that to my routine.  Building endurance in the pool is a GOOD thing!  I need to learn to keep my form when I speed up!
Thumbs up to FRESH Legs!

The next day I decided to just run and holy moley, what a difference.  Fresh legs on a run make all the difference.  It's crazy how GREAT my run was!  I loved it and realized that I have my work cut out for me.  When your legs are tired after a bike ride it can kind of set your running confidence down a bit, so realizing that I can, indeed run...was a nice feeling.

To BRICK workouts!  


fancy nancy said...

I always feel so strong when I do my first two parts of a brick...then I have to run again on jello legs!! Great week!!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I've never listened to music while riding outdoors. There are way too many things you need to be aware of, at least on the roads I ride on.

Brick workouts are great! Your legs feel totally different, but you'll very much get used to it over time.

Kerrie T. said...

Ack, Jill! You are making me want to do a triathlon! Stop it! Stop it!

Marlene said...

Keeping form when swimming faster is something I really need to work at too.

AWESOME job on your training week and the brick!! So fun!

ajh said...

This sounds like you are doing so GREAT! I am here icing my foot trying not to freak out at a missed workout. Tomorrow I am swimming rather than run and then I'll see if the pain is still here.

You look so psyched!

Tricia said...


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

nice workout schedule! i can never listen to music while riding. i need to hear whats around me whether on the bike or running. i save it for the dreadmill.

btw - what bike did you get, did i miss a post on a new bike? being a boy i like hearing about the hardware of the sport.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Nice job, Jill! You've really motivated me this morning. No excuses.

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