Sunday, February 5, 2012

My boys!

I love spending time with these 2-cuties!  They keep me on my toes and make me laugh everyday!  They are completely different and I love that about them!  They make me want to be better and work hard so they will be proud!  Amazing how kids can do that to you.  I strive to be an example to them and really they are the reason I started running and they are the reason I continue to stay active!  


Cole is a SPORTS freak, just like his dad!  He loves anything related to sports.  He also can run faster than anybody...just ask him, he will tell you.  He loves to race anybody and gets in, an official starting position and wait for me to say, Ready-Set-GO!  He does this at home, in the store, in the bank...anywhere, he seems to think is a great place to start a run!  He often refers to me as "Coach"!  He always says "I'm older, mom" He is 3, but will tell you he is 5 or 4, just depends on the day.  He is in his first year of preschool and thinks that's "Awesome", which is his favorite word.  He loves to phrase things with, "You know"!  He plays golf, baseball and any other sport he can get his hands on.  He is great at bowling on the Kinnect.  This boy has some skills and I'm sure will be a Pro Baseball player someday!  "Not me", "I didn't do it" a common saying these days!  We need to work on that!


Max is my sweet 6 year old!  He is just like me...totally sensitive and wants to have FUN all the time!  He has such a good heart and loves to have his friends over.  After 2-years of T-ball he is going to be playing his first year of Coach-pitch!  He is so excited.  He learned to ride his bike last summer and this summer I'm looking forward to going on many bike rides with him, can't wait!  He is in his first year of kindergarten and has learned to READ!  Amazing to watch your kids learn so much, I love it.  He loves Lego's and has gotten so good at building, he amazes me with what he builds.  He makes oatmeal most mornings for him and his little brother, very sweet.  He loves to fish and go skunk hunting with his best friend.  His favorite place to go is "Happy, Fun Center" aka Family Fun Center!  

Watching my boys grow is so exciting!  I love how much they have both connected over the last year.  They share the same room and don't like to sleep without each other.  They miss each other when they are apart and get so excited to see each other after school.  They also fight, but what brothers don't?  As they get older it has gotten more fun and so much easier!  I look forward to the years ahead with them, it keeps getting better!  


On the Right Track said... I had to follow your blog because any mother of boys needs to stick together!!!

I have 3 myself...and they are truley one of a kind.

I'm a newbie blogger, and came across yours off of a friends.

Looking forwrd to reading more about you!

Those pics are adorable btw...

Michelle Dragoo said...

Your boys are adorable! I have 2 girls and can relate...

Tara said...

Uh oh! Sounds like you have a future competitive athlete on your hands in Cole; that's too cute. I bet he can definitely run faster than me!

You've got some cute kiddos!

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