Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is in the AIR!...and A new BONDIBAND!

I just walked out to get my mail and it smelled LOVELY outside.  Smells like Sring..or maybe it's just my dryer sheet...either way I will enjoy it!  I had a package in the mail from Lauren at Adventures in Running that had my WINNING BondiBand enclosed.  I love it!  I am addicted to these things and I probably should be giving this one to my mom since she wants one and I have 4 now but I think this one is cute and I must keep it.  Plus I won it so that would be wrong to give it away.  Thank you Lauren for this great gift.  Please think of Lauren this weekend as she runs the Disney half on March 7th.  We will be praying that things go well for you Lauren.

My hubby is working from home today so I though I would get in a run before I had to be at the gym for swimming.  I am so excited that it's lighter in the morning so I can start running earlier...well at least I thought I was excited!  Figured I would get the run in so I didn't have to rush to the gym with the kids.  I planned to go 4-5 miles since it was nice and I didn't have to hurry.  Thank goodness I didn't have to hurry because I felt slow.  Might be because of my speed work yesterday and that I didn't eat before the run and it was a lot earlier than more normal running time.  Whatever it was, it made a difference.  The good stuff is that I ran 4.60 miles and it was nice out. 

3.1.10 Stats:
Miles: 4.60
Pace: 10:31
Time: 48:22
Calories lost: 606

848.85  - 4.60 = 844.25  miles left to run in 2010


Speedwork on SUNDAY 2.28.10
Total miles for the day: 1.88

Did a quick warm-up with the jogging stroller.  I haven't used this for a long time.  I think Cole really enjoyed it...even if it was for less than a mile.  My husband had perfect timing and was on his way home as we finished up our warm-up and he walked Cole home so I could do the real work on the track.

Started off great until I had to go to the bathroom...(sorry for TMI) but as a runner I know you get that. Only got 2 fast laps in and 2 recovery laps in. These are hard, but I know they will help me as a runner...They have too!

Lap 1: 7:02
Lap 2: 10:26
Lap 3: 8:16
Lap 4:10:47

I went off so fast for my first lap that I couldn't keep up the pace the rest of lap 1. Knowing that I had more to do I started slowing down. I need to get used to these and learn how to breathe. Do you realize how BIG a track is? I keep forgetting until I have to run fast around them.

844.25 - 1.88 = 842.37 miles left to run in 2010


Teamarcia said...

nice run and score on the Bondi! One can never have too many!

Jen said...

I have like 7 bondibands. I LOVE them!!!!

Great run. and great speed work.

Molly said...

I just got some bondi bands, and will break one out for my Shamrock Run this weekend!

Lauren said...

Thank you! I need all the prayers you can give:) I am glad you got it, I just put every stamp on there we had in the house. And it is totally acceptable to give away a give away!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Glad your long run was easier than last week's long run- improvement!

Maybe you were tired on the 4.6 miler because the last two runs were hard (long and speed)- a good reason to be tired, for sure! : )

Julie said...

Keep up the awesome work!! You are doing great:) You are right it does smell like spring!!

ajh said...

Just ordered my first (two) bondis. Can't wait!

Ewa said...

Am I the only one who does not have a bondi? Well, I have to fix that!
You are certainly getting some good runs in.

Lorian said...

Great job! I have to laugh at your blog name...great minds....

Giorgio said...

Thanks for your answer. I didn't understand how Italy was related to snakes in your comment. Thanks again.

Sherri said...

Oh I soooo need to order a bondi..I think I will right now!

Hannah said...

I don't have a bondiband, but I am so intrigued by them!

Sounds like your runs are going really well! Those fast days are difficult. Really difficult. I'm proud of you! Keep it up.

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