Friday, March 26, 2010

A record breaking MILES!

A highlight of training for a marathon is running new distances. Yes, that might sound CRAZY to you, but taking those first few steps into unknown territory…unknown mileage is SO exciting to me. Every time my Garmin reads a new distance that I have never run I say to myself “Record Breaking”…yah I am silly that way and YES I really say that to myself. Milestones are big to me and I like them. Today was one of those days…though it wasn’t my original
plan. My training schedule called for 16 and I wasn’t sure when I would get those in since my Saturday is jam packed. The weather was not looking good for Friday, but Sunny for Saturday so I figured maybe I could work it in. I didn’t eat (fuel) for long run on Thursday so I figured with each bite of my sweet treat I was going to be running on Saturday.  (picture above is right when I finished my 16 miler...happy and tired and glad to have it DONE)

A couple great things happened when I awoke on Friday morning…Loren was going to work from home (which means he can take Max to school and I can get to the gym as soon as the childcare opens for Cole) and there was NO rain! Since I had to make-up my fuel for breakfast I ate…Chicken and Pasta…best fuel for a long run. I called my friend Diana to have her on deck to get Cole in case I got to the gym after the childcare closed and also warned Loren that he might need to get Max from school because I wasn’t sure if I would be back in time. I had no idea how long this run would take me and I didn’t want to have to sprint up NICE hill at the end. Had my route planned and hoped the weather would hold since I was leaving my jacket and gloves at home.

Due to having a hard 14 miles 2 weeks ago I decided to try out the run/walk method. I have done it before but had stopped training that way while I was training for my 1st half marathon last June. I really liked how it worked but I have such a mental problem for myself walking. Figured that this was going to be a long run and I should try it to see how it goes. I decided to run the first 3 miles and then start 5/1 (run 5 min. / walk 1 min.). I needed to do what was best for me and not worry about time. My only goal was to run 16 miles, so however I could get those 16 miles in…I was going to do it even if my time wasn’t record breaking for me. The sun was shining and I couldn’t be happier. The first few miles went great as I worked up “Mile Long” hill and then I started the run/walk. I felt so good the entire time and was actually enjoying my run. The time and the miles seemed to fly by. I noticed that when it was time for my 1 minute walk I wasn’t quite ready…I was feeling good and had great energy but I didn’t want to mess my times up since I had programmed my Garmin to alert me every 5/1. I was feeling good and thought that my next long run I would adjust my times to 7/1 to see if that helped. My legs felt so strong and I couldn’t believe as I got into the higher miles that they weren’t as fatigued as they usually are. The last 2 miles seemed like forever…why does that happen? The littlest hills seemed huge! Hills in long runs are so mean especially in the later miles…NO FUN! My route worked great and I finished right before NICE hill! I felt so much better after this run then after my 14 miler. I wasn’t as sore or fatigued as I usually am after my long run. I was really excited when I saw that my average pace for my run was 10:32.

This run gave me a lot of confidence that I can do 26.2. Running this way really helped me with my mental issues that I struggle with in my long runs and my energy. I could see myself doing another 10 miles this way and completing my marathon. Feels good when you start realizing that you can run 26.2…not that it’s going to be easy but I’m slowly starting to accept that I CAN and WILL do this. Today’s run really helped! As I start logging longer runs I know that it’s going to keep making the marathon feel more doable. I kept thinking…10 more miles and I will have run a marathon…I can do this….it’s doable. Next week is 18…I can do this! 

3.26.10 Stats:
Miles: 16
Pace: 10:32
Time: 2:48
Calories: 2025
Also today I realized how I could not be doing this without the support of friends and family. When I walked into the gym after my run, Diana had already gotten Cole from childcare and was holding him as she was congratulating me on my 16 miles.  It made me so thankful that I have people my life that encourage and support me in my goals. I really couldn’t do it without them! I am incredibly thankful and grateful!!!

If you like pictures...You can check out my finish line pictures from my Half Marathon last weekend.  I was praising God that I was done and had finished another half marathon as I crossed the finish line!!!


Talitha said...

I love my "firsts" too! I'm almost sad thinking that they won't come as often after I've been running for a while... maybe that's why runners who've been at it for a long time are always looking for a new PR.

Great job on the run today! It's hard to imagine that I'll be doing that soon too.

Jen said...

Great job. I have a 10+ miler today. We will see what i can finish in 2 hours.

ajh said...

I don't know what your run/walk plans are for your marathon. I ran/walked 10/1 for my first one. It worked great though truly I was walking more toward the end. My goal for the second marathon I did was to run the whole thing which I did and have done for all the rest although my most recent marathon was very hard for some reason and I struggled to run it all and did. I always loved reaching those new distances too. Congrats!


Yay on a mileage record! And like always you finished looking super cute!

Melissa said...

Congrats on a record breaking run!

Badgergirl said...

Love recording new distance bests! Nice job on the 16 miles!

Judi said...

Great job! During my first marathon I met two runners who did the 10 minute run/1 minute walk. I stayed with them for five miles or so and I really liked it. But somehow I get this mindset that I have to "run" without stopping!

~ Jill said...

Congrats! Going further than you have gone before was one of my favorite things about training for my first marathon. I've tried to explain the feeling to others but I think you have to really experience it to understand it. Great job!

Rachel said...

Congrats on your fabulous 16 miler! That is quite an accomplishment : ) I love milestones, too, only for me they don't come as often anymore. I love your attitude toward the marathon! That will make such a huge difference.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Awesome job!!!! you did it!! So glad that your confidence is boosted too!!!

so when are you doing your 18? I have to do 20 this coming weekend!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Great finish line pics!

Of course you can run 18!

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