Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maybe I should have kept my big mouth SHUT!

3.4.10 Stats:
Miles: 14
Pace: 10:50
Time: 2:31:48
Calories Burned: 1816

842.37 - 14 = 828.37  miles left to run in 2010

If I hadn't posted that I was going to run 14 miles and all that great stuff last night...I surely would have stopped at 13.5 because I was TIRED! Accountability really helps out sometime even when you don't realize you have accountability. Glad I pushed myself to finish. 2 miles, a half mile really doesn’t seem that long until you have run for 2 hours and just want to stop. It seemed like an eternity and running circles to get in the last mile is not the most fun.

My run started of GREAT and I had my new fuel belt to try out. When I started I thought to myself that maybe trying this out for the first time wasn't the best idea. It kept riding up but after a couple miles I realized that my running jacket wasn't helping the situation so I had to stop and readjust and put the fuel belt under my jacket and then it was great. It would ride up a little but not too bad. I was happy to have my hands free and have plenty of water and Gatorade. I also tried out some new Gu Chomps, the blueberry pomegranate flavor and I loved them. I realized that I need to do 3 waters and 1 Gatorade because when I am running and taking Gu Chomps it's a little too sweet to have both. More water would be great...lesson learned. I loved having the Gatorade at the end so I could drink it while I walked up NICE hill for my cool down.

The first 6 miles went great. I felt good and had great energy. Around mile 9...again I started fading and knew I still had a long way to go. I would end up going pretty slow with any incline and did ok when it was flat or going down hill at all. At mile 11.5 I had to stop and walk for a few minutes to let me legs take a break. My legs felt tired and didn't want to run the rest of the way. I really wanted to get to 14 miles but felt like it was going to be tough. I just kept praying and telling myself that I have ran 3 miles before and I can do it now...doing 3 miles when your tired is a lot different than just running 3 miles for fun...but any motivation at these difficult points in a run can only help. My shoes weren't feeling as cushy as I would have hoped and am not too happy about that since they are new. I think things never feel as good as normal when you body is tired and you are pushing it. I kept thinking how a 12 mile run would be perfect right about now. That's why we train though so we can overcome the difficult times and continue on. I keep thinking how a month ago 10 miles were hard and now that sounds like a dream run. Training the body and the mind to keep going takes work and is tough. I had to walk a couple time in the last few miles but figured whatever I have to do to get my Garmin to say 14 I will do it. My last .5 mile was downhill which was nice. I finished and then walked up NICE hill. My time was slower than I had hoped but probably because I walked. My pace gets so much slower in the higher miles of my body just doesn't want to go that fast when I'm tired. My legs are so achy when I stop…are yours when you’re done with a long run?

Just finished!!!  Trying to let you know how tired I was but with a slight smile!

I called my mom and my best friend when I finished letting them know that I was done. I was totally out of breath while I was talking and kept saying how HARD it was. But I DID furthest run. 14 miles...done! I am scheduled to run 16 next week but I think I will taper down for 1 week and then do the 16 the following week.

Thanks again for all your comments on my blog and HELLO to my new followers! I think a pre-run post will be good for me in the future for accountability. Thank you for all your encouragement for my 14 mile run, it means so much to me. Great hearing from other runners!


Julie said...

H Jill,
Fourteen miles and still smiling!! I love it!! Great did it:) Way to stay tough and geter done!!

Hannah said...

You did it! Way to go! I think the accountability with fellow bloggers is so awesome. That, and I think to myself, "Gosh, if I quit early, there are a hundred others pushing harder. I want to report that I finished!"

Love the pic. Glad you had a great run!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Yes, I'm achy when I finish a long run! I try to hop in a cold bath ASAP. I think it helps.

Great job on your longest run ever!

Lauren said...

Congrats! I have yet to go further than 13.5. I like the bondiband, it looks familiar:)

ajh said...

Congrats. It is amazing how we build up and keep going farther and what seemed impossible turns out to be doable. I love it when I say I ran "only " whatever miles and sincerely mean it.

Ewa said...

Great job! In a month you are going to think that 14miles is not a big deal. You are training not only your legs but your mind also.
Give yourself some rest and enjoy the victory over miles.

saundra said...

Nice job knocking out 14 miles! The mental aspect is so much more critical than the physical. And running alone is hard, especially for the long runs. Continue to think positive thoughts, believe in yourself, and that 16 miler will be a piece of cake. Take care and please be safe.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So proud of you Jilly!!

Badgergirl said...

Congrats on the the 14-mile run!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

That is great!!! You will be great for 16!!! If you want to taper I understand but if not lets do 16 together!!!

amanda dot brandon at gmail dot com

Sherri said...

I love the accountability too. It has really helped me stay on track.
Great run! =)

Molly said...

wow, great do look tired, but HAPPY!!!

Staci Dombroski said...

I can't believe you did 14 miles and you are still smiling! Way to go :-)

Judi, et al said...

Great job! I thought I would visit your blog after reading about you on 5 Miles to Empty!

It is such a good feeling to accomplish a running goal isn't it? I am always anxious before a long run.

Happy training!

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