Monday, March 8, 2010

Running...with PORTLAND!

I was so excited to do this run these 6 miles with my mom. Flat, beautiful, by the river and with my mom…priceless. Running new routes always make me a little uneasy and not that excited? Why…I have no idea. The anticipation, the unknown, trying to pace myself when I don’t know where the end is…who knows buy it always plays with my mind. Knowing my routes allow me to visualize I guess.

Anyways…back to my run! I was shocked to see ALL of Portland out and about being active, bikers, runners, walkers…I loved it and totally felt in my element (ok so maybe not all of Portland was out, but a lot). I usually only see a couple runners in my neighborhood so seeing all these active, fellow runners I was IN LOVE. I couldn’t believe the sites and wished I could always run in a great place like this.
Half way through the run my mom told me this was her long run which made me even more excited to help her finish. I was feeling good with my pace and couldn’t wait to see my pace at the end of 6 miles. I didn’t wear my headphones so my mom and I could chat which was a great break to just listen to what was around me and chat it up with my mom about our upcoming week together. As we were coming up to 5 miles a guy past us and said “Great Job” which was so kind and encouraging. I so rarely hear strangers ever say anything on my runs and it usually isn’t “Great Job”… it made my mom and me HAPPY. I was going a little faster than my mom and she told me to run ahead so I could finish strong. I pushed it the last .75 miles and went a little past 6 miles to where the trail finished. It was a great run…I loved it.

3.7.10 Stats:

Miles: 6.19
Pace: 9:41
Time: 59:55
Calories: 804

828.37 - 6.19 = 822.18 miles left to run in 2010

At the End...


ajh said...

You and your mom look so happy! Those blossoms are amazing!

Karen said...

Looks like a beautiful route!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

How kind of the stranger to encourage the two of you! Looks fun!

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