Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Welcome new followers!  Thank you for FOLLOWING, RUNNING to SANITY!  Sit back, relax and enjoy the craziness....and remember to say HELLO!  I love hearing from you all!

Can I tell you how HAPPY I am that I finally decided to go after triathlons? 

Thank you to everyone for your feedback on the training plans.  I was surprised that many of you create your own plan or just figure it all out without a specific plan.  I got a few emails from some of you and that was SO beneficial!  THANK YOU for taking the time to help a girl out.  The websites you suggested were very helpful.

Saturday I finished a 22-mile ride (first bike ride clipped in) with my dad and a 1-mile run.  It all went great!  The GOOD news is that I joined to club...the clip-in and fall off your BIKE club!  Are you a part of that club?  I was lucky though...I fell into the dirt...not the street!  I was more worried about my friends bike than I was myself.  It was a slow fall and very uneventful...can a fall be uneventful?  Maybe it was a BIG deal...either way I am fine and so is the bike!  Let's hope that's my only fall...but I doubt it!  Clipping in was way better than I thought and I can see how it can help your bike ride.  Clippin-in and out will take some getting used too.  If I didn't have to stop for cars and things...it would be a lot easier!  Oh and I almost got hit by a car!  Yah...very scary, but just like when you run...when you bike you have to make sure drivers see you!  Reminds me as a driver to pay attention more...so scary!

Heading out...Let's Do This!
Road bikes are fast!  I rode with my dad years ago after purchasing my hybrid bike and had no idea how people could cycle with a pace of 16 mph for a long period of time!  My dad rides a recumbent which is not a speed bike, but very comfortable.  With a road bike...you can move way faster than you can with a hybrid...I know that because I have lived it...yes...that was funny!  I felt like going fast and I did and I loved it! 

I miss this view!  I grew up with this every day! 
Lake Tapps is a man made lake so the water comes up in the summer
and goes down in the winter...it's partially down in this picture.

The route we rode was BEAUTIFUL.  Views of Mt. Rainer, red barns, cows and farms...I loved it!  Makes me miss living out there and having all of that in my back yard.  Its so weird to ride through neighborhoods where my childhood friends lived and I had sleepovers and birthday parties and seeing how it has all changed.  A lot of childhood memories!  Seems like so long ago!  We rode to Buckley and went to Wally's and had hot chocolate and an ice cream cone...that's what you do when you ride with my dad to Buckley and back...Can you see why I like riding with him?  After warming up it was time to go back into the freezing weather and head back.  The sky was clear but the temperature wasn't warm.  I so regretted no buying the full finger bike gloves the day before this ride!

Leaving Wally's!
The best part of the day was hanging out with my dad!  I love doing that.  For so long I haven't been able to join him on his adventures but now that the kids are getting older, I think we will be able to do it a lot more.  

I was glad to see that I had some speed and anxious to see what I can do when I keep up those speeds the entire way.  We ran a mile after the bike ride and I felt pretty good...the legs were fatigued but not as bad as I thought they would be.  Curious to see how the legs will be after a faster ride? 

Can't wait to get on the bike again!  I think I'm going to like LOVE cycling! 

Oh and I think I have finally found my bike...HERE Scott Contessa Speedster 15.

I will tell you a little more about how I picked it in another post! 

Have you fallen off your bike while clipped in?
What's the longest bike ride you have been on?
Do you prefer to swim, bike or run?


Michelle said...

I have the biggest grin on my face because I'm just about to write a post about the new bike I got! :) Just today!!!! No clips for me yet. And speed, not yet. Baby steps, but I'm excited! I see triathlon in my future!

Karen said...

How awesome that you get to ride with your Dad!

fancy nancy said...

What an awesome thing for you and your dad to share! I've never fallen off with clips simply because I've never had them...even in spin class when everyone got clips I stayed with my ancient bike shoes...I know for sure I would fall right over!!! My favorite it running but I can be convinced to like cycling! Swimming for me right now is reserved to beach floaties and places where I have an umbrella drink in my hand!!

Marlene said...

Ah yes, I had my first clipped-in fall on my first ride with clips. Also uneventful and I hope there are no more!

I can't wait to see how fast this bike will go when I get my nerve up. For now, I'm faster on my hybrid and that s just wrong. hahaha


I'm with Marlene. First time out. First fall, my leg was bruised for three weeks. Been fine since.

That bike is sharp. Can't wait to hear all about it!

ajh said...

I"m dying to know how you picked it, don't take too long.

I will be in that club before too long. First I have to pick my bike.

ANd I can't wait to see first hand how much faster a road bike is. But I rode last summer with people with road bikes and they shouldn't have been faster than me but were. (Oh my ego is a scary thing.) I want to catch up!

And one of the best things about biking is the scenery - you can see so much more of it than running.

And doing it with your dad - priceless!

Ricole Runs said...

Yay for awesome bike rides! Don't worry, I'm part of that club too and I'm barely even a biker. Mine was also very slow, while turning around on the Burke-Gilman trail, and I fell on the dirt side, just a little blood. Mostly lost dignity when others saw me and were so concerned and I just felt like an IDIOT!

Running Girl said...

Love that you get to ride with our dad! I've also fallen while clipped in, but it was on a mountain bike ride, and i ate a bunch of dirt. Fun times. My dad is a huge mountain biker, & we haven't been out together in years. You inspired me - we should do it again!

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