Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Hot, but I got a NEW pool!

It's HOT!  And I don't mean Paris Hilton HOT either.  How do you all run in crazy HOT weather?  I guess you get acclimated to certain weather so it's normal for most of you.  Hats off to those of you who continue to run and endure those crazy temps.  Due to this warm weather and other crazy things going on in my life...Running has fell to the back burner for this week.  I am thinking of maybe fitting in a evening run tonight, since tomorrow will be out of the question.  I have Ragnar in less than two weeks so I have got to keep it up and stay focused.

I have been consumed with fixing up our rental house for new tenants.  It's consuming me and also some other family things going on that I had refereed to before my marathon.  If you know me well, you know that very few things stress me out...but a those few that do are happening right now.  Our rental house is totally stressing me out, which is no good.  We have had to pull-up the carpets, re-paint, flea bomb the house 4 times and still have a work party happening tomorrow to fix more stuff.  I am OVERWHELMED like never before and it's hard to see an end in sight.  Maybe that's why I haven't been blogging much lately...too much crazy stuff going on at the moment.  We had to kick out the non-paying tenants, who haven't pain since April and now have to pour more money into cleaning up everything they messed up...not fun.  Sorry that I am venting...This is also why I need to run.  See what happens when I am thrown off my schedule and running takes a back seat....nothing good. 

In some GOOD news, (minus the crap going on) we have had such a fun week.  I have to say that the only thing better than enjoying summer as a kid, is watching your kids enjoy their summer.  Don't be jealous, buuuuttttt we have a new's new and I don't want to brag but it's pretty FREAKING awesome.  The four of us...hubby, both kids and I enjoyed it yesterday as we soaked in the sun and refreshed ourselves in the cool water!  I can't believe how some water can make life so much fun when you're in the sun.  We have a slide in our pool too which the kids love.  I am now the pool cleaner, which I don't mind...kind of fun.  Here are some pictures of our lovely pool...again...please don't be jealous...we are just really blessed (with 50% of at Fred could be too).

Ok so maybe it's just another kiddie pool, but we love it.  And I was not joking...all 4 of us were in it...always a good time at our house!  How great that something so little could be so much fun.

Yep...told ya we had a slide!  Jealous yet?
Max is a little big for this..but don't tell him.
Hello Cole!
Can't beat Watermelon on a hot day!
Oh and a lot of baseball....Cole is a fanatic!

Because of all the craziness I wasn't able to run the GREAT, AFFORDABLE 5k this morning with Tall-Mom and Muscle man.  Mel did great!  Wish I could have done it...I am dying to run a 5k.  Maybe I will go do that right now!  Thanks for checking out our new pool!  Feel free to come on over anytime you want to take a ride down our water slide...You are always welcome!  Just can't guarantee the 90 degree weather. 

Oh and a MAJOR shout out to Steph who ran her first 50 miler today....there are some amazing people in our bloggy world!  Congrats Steph...You are AMAZING.


ajh said...

Love your new pool - very funny. I love the slide going into it. We totally did the same thing with our kiddie pool and slide. Your kids are very cute. Hope some of the stresses get relieved!

Heather said...

Love the pool! On a hot day, that is just perfect. Cute pictures of the kiddos. :)

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Um, YES! Totally jealous! I'm thinking about heading to Fre Meyer tomorrow! But we wont have that slide!! Lools like a blast!

Good luck with your rental house! No fun at all! Let me know if i can do anything, even if it is playing with the kiddos for a bit!

Kerrie T. said...

Super jealous of your pool.

Hope things calm down for you. :( Why does everything always happen at once?

Marlene said...

I totally want to come slide down your slide and splash in your pool!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are too cute! We got a pool yesterday with a Giraffe head sprinkler LOL!

you will be 5K racing soon. Northwest Trek in September is a FUN one.. and there are 5K's pretty much every weekend around here.

Bethany + Ryan said...

your kids are adorable! i remember all the fun my sister and i used to have in those kiddie pools! the water from the garden hose was always SOOO cold tho!

Sarah said...

Love the pool! I am pretty jealous that you have something to soak in while we have this heat! Fun!!

Congrats on doing the Ragnar! I tried to get some friends together but I could only find about 3 other people who would even consider it :( It sounded like so much fun!

Julie said...

Hang in there! I'll be praying for you. Love your pool!! :)

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