Monday, April 30, 2012

Dilettante Triathlon Entry GIVEAWAY!

If you have been reading my blog at all in the last few months, you know I'm focusing on and training for triathlons.  This has been a ton of fun!  I'm thrilled to get more of my friends involved in this adventure!  Way more fun to involve friends in the craziness of TRIATHLONS, right?  Plus with 3-sports to train much easier to connect with more friends!  See, I told you this would be fun!

Because I'm training for a July 8th Olympic Triathlon, I really wanted to do a Sprint Triathlon before!  Always good to test the waters and see how things are going.  I signed up with BTO Multisports to do the DILETTANTE Women's Triathlon on June 16th.  Do you know what Dilettante is (HERE)?  Yah, it's like the WORLD BEST CHOCOLATE!  Yah, that's right.  I figured a triathlon, women only and chocolate...does it get better?  It might, but not much.  I have already roped, begged gotten 4 friends excited enough to sign-up!  If I have learned one thing through this blog and racing...its always way better to do it with a crew of friends. 

BTO Multisport is a great RACE series...they actually give you your money back if you refer friends!  For each friend you refer you get 25% refunded back to you, so if you get 4 friends to sign-up, you get a FREE race entry!  So even if you don't WIN this FREE ENTRY!  You can still get a FREE entry! 

So what's up with all this TRIATHLON excitement...well I get to invite more friends to join me...and one of my LUCKY readers and friend gets to do this event for FREE!  I wish I could pay for a plane ticket for you who don't live near by but I don't think my hubby would be thrilled with that!  SORRY!  But maybe you want to come to SEATTLE in June?  It's a great city?  Triathlon, would be EPIC! 

Anyhow...Have you been wanting to tri a Triathlon?  Best place to start is a FREE SPRINT TRIATHLON with all the chocolate that you want at the finish line! 

Please leave a separate comment for each ENTRY!

1) Must be a FOLLOWER of Running to SANITY!

2)  LIKE BTO Multisport on FB HERE and tell them I sent you!

3) Visit BTO MULTISPORT HERE website and tell me what EVENT you would like to do!

4) SHARE this GIVEAWAY on your BLOG/FB/TWITTER (entry for each)

5)  Have you done a TRI?  What distance? LOVE/HATE?

So many chances to WIN...lets do this!

I will pick the winner for the DILETTANTE TRIATHLON in ONE WEEK! 

*Will be doing another giveaway soon for the Islander AQUATHON July 28th!  Get more info about the RACE HERE!


Diana said...

1. I am a follower...
2. I liked BTO and mentioned your name.
3. I would like to do the dilettante tri.
4. I shared your giveaway on fb.
5. I have not done a tri so this would me my first!

Diana said...

6. I figured out how to post it to my blog! That's one more entry!

ajh said...

I would so enter if I lived near there but too - way too far away. A woman's triathlon sounds great.

Jackie Hanquet Ashley said...

I am a follower, i like BTO and posted that you sent me there, i would love to do the Dilettante Tri, I shared this on FB, and i have never done a TRI

Ricole Runs said...

This is awesome! Don't enter me to win, I just won a Danskin triathlon entry and am super pumped about it! But I've never done a tri before and I need tips!

Michelle said...

I am a new follower :)

Michelle said...

I like BTO on Facebook - and told them I was looking forward to the dilettante triathlon ;)

Michelle said...

I would love the do the Kirkland shamrock event of theirs, too -- they have a nice website :)

Michelle said...

I have done a triathlon - sprint distance. I hope to do a sprint and olympic this summer!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog - just found it today! Did you already pick a winner for this contest? If so, no worries but I just moved to Seattle and am a triathlete as well!

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