Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What came first?

What came first?  Smiles, then long course or LONG course, then SMILES?

When I heard about long course, I was excited...probably feeling like this picture!

 I thought, 50 meters compared to 25 yards?  It can't be that bad?  Right?  Um....

Well it was a bit harder and LONGER than I had imagined.  Plus...probably wasn't the best idea to move into the FAST lane on the first day of long course?  Yah, not my best decision.  Plus I had done a Open Water Swim the day before.  I swam 1.1 miles in 30 minutes...which I thought was good!  But I was tired and feeling it the next day, which happened to fall on the first day of LONG COURSE!

See...that's FAR!

What I love...You get into a groove and can really focus on your skill without stoping! 
What I didn't love..being with all the fasties and NOT having my confindence in-check.  It was out of my comfort zone, which I HAVE to get used too.  I know it's good for me and I have to push myself.  If my coach didn't think I could do it, she would never have put me in that lane.  I hate when the very thing you LOVE can be the very thing you question?  I know that's just part of the journey, but I question my abilities when I feel weak or lacking in those abilities.  I'm sure thats normal.

I should probably do in the pool what I did on my long runs and FOCUS on a word that will help instead of letting my mind take me to places that do NO good.  Swimming is my strongest sport, by far!  I just need to keep working and contniue to improve.  I also need to learn not to compare myself to others.  A lot of Swimmers on the Masters Team have swam competitvelly in High School and College...I did neither. 
I just grew up on a lake, did swim team and happen to LOVE swimming.

*What do you do when you feel less than?  Doubting your abilities?  Mental games?

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fancy nancy said...

I just wrote yesterday about comparisons!! We are all so guilty of it at one time or another!! My hats off to you since my speed of swimming is usually floating with a drink in my hand!! I love that picture of you...so cute!!!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love that picture doll.. You will rock it you little fish you..

ajh said...

I just think that I am out there at least trying when many people wouldn't do it. I spent years not getting out of my comfort zone. It is great to do it now.

Ricole Runs said...

Where do you open water swim?

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