Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Long RUN...

I'm guessing if your anything like me, you check out runners while your driving!  You know what I mean..shoes, gadgets, jackets...you know, like maybe they have something I don't and I need it?  Or I just like to sympathize with them if it's raining or be jealous I'm not running too, cheer them on because I'm proud of them for getting out there (though I have no idea who they are).

Have you done that?

We have had crappy weather here in the Northwest and I'm not being dramatic, but SATURDAY was beautiful!  The boys and I were headed to a BIRTHDAY Party and while driving we saw so many people outside enjoying the weather, bikers, runners...there were a lot.  I noticed one gal, pink compression socks, 4-bottle Nathan hydration belt...I knew she must be out on a long run, but she wasn't wearing a sign saying what mile she is at...I really think people should, LOL! 

Clearly people knew I was business when I was sporting my own, long run attire!  Oh yah!  Only a runner could appreciate the beauty of both of these!

Hours go by...2.5 to be exact and we leave the party and I pass this same gal, who is still running!  Wow, I so remember those days of the long runs for my first marathon.  Totally gave me flashbacks and made me think about how great the journey to the marathon was!  You don't realize it every mile of training, but it's great to reflect and have good thoughts of all that led up to my marathon!  Totally made me smile to see her running, training for her own marathon, I'm sure!  Way to go Lady with the pink compression socks on...you totally motivated me and made me smile!

I was right, she was on her long run, the compression socks and hydration belt was a dead giveaway.  It's funny how you can tell what kind of run people are on, based on their attire!

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Madison M. said...

I TOTALLY check out people when their out running.biking. or walking... If I haven't gotten in my run for the day it makes me super jealous and motivates me to get out there and run when I get the time!! :-)

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