Friday, January 14, 2011

Max's first RACE...How could I forget?

This is MAX at his very FIRST race on THANKSGIVING day at our local TURKEY TROT!  I can't believe I have not posted these pictures until now!  The story goes like this...I registered for the race for the first time, since it has never worked out in prevoius years...I was totally stoked.  Then I realized they had a kids run...sweet, Max can run!  Awesome...totally stoked for us to both run.  Then I was un-stoked...because the kids run happens at the exact same time as the 5k that I would be running...totally not awesome!  This was his first race and I would not, could not miss it...though it did take me a while to realize I wasn't going to run until the night before!  On a total personal really sucked walking up to the race seeing all the other runners and knowing I couldn't run...who knew it would bother me that much...I sure didn't!  Ok, back to MAX!  He did way BETTER than I ever would have expected.  I was so proud of him and lucky for you can re-live it through pictures!  He RAN his heart out the entire way and I was such a proud MOM!  Loved every second of it! 

And here are the pictures that got him to win that awesome blue ribbon above!

Headed to the START

Here we go!

And we're off!

I guess the sidewalk sounded like a good idea!

Coming down the hill for a STRONG finish!
Running his heart out the whole way!
And there he goes...his FIRST FINISH line, but not the last!

Couldn't be PROUDER!


Rachel said...

CUTE! like mother, like son : )

Jennifer said...

Kudos to you for encouraging the kids!

H Love said...

super cute!! Woo hoo!!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Yay MAX!!! Way to go!!! And too funny on the sidewalk!! I love it!!! And he looks so natural! Must be all those races he has watched his momma do!! I am just so proud of him too!!! These boys! I tell you, we are doing a dang good job! =)

Julie said...

Max is so flippin cute! He looks so excited and happy to be running:) Cute post!

Zoë said...

I love this post! Way to go, Max!

FruitFly said...

Soooo cute!! I just love the kid races!

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