Monday, January 17, 2011

Brrr...Cold RUN in Pic's!

Headed out on a cold was BEAUTIFUL!

Don't you love cool camera settings?

How pretty...the sun, the snow...LOVE IT!

What a JOY to run in weather like this!

Mid-run...feeling good!

That's where Amanda used to live...over on the other side!  Hello T-Town!
I was so happy to go on this run!  It was a beautiful sunny day!   It's one of those days that you can't help, but to RUN...and those days don't always happen!  I haven't been taking my camera with me, but on this day...since it was so nice out I decided I would take it easy and stop for pictures!  So glad I did!  I love cool, crisp running days.  BondiBANDS rock in the cold weather!  They are perfect!  Not much more to say, just had to share my beautiful run with my bloggy friends!


Jodi H said...

Beautiful pictures Jill! Glad you had a great run! That's awesome!!

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! I love cold running days too! So much better than super hot ones!

FruitFly said...

That does look cold, but so pretty that you'd ignore the cold and enjoy the views! Lovely!

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