Sunday, February 6, 2011

I will RUn...

Tomorrow...which by the time some of you read this will actually be TODAY!  I'm getting up and getting to the gym when Kids club opens and I'm running with Jamie!  I told her even if she can't make it I will assume she is going so that it will make me get there...on TIME!  I'm getting my run in before swim class...I am, I am!

Had a great run with my friend, Erin on Friday.  Legs loosened up quickly and we enjoyed a quick run.  She did great and told me she had done the same route earlier and had made it up the hill all by herself...I was so proud of her.  I'm so excited to get some runs in and to see how much stronger my legs are going to be.  Bring it ON! 

This Friday my friend, Rosanna and I are going to run Nice Hill and maybe even do HILL REPEATS, WHAT!  Yah, you heard me right...I want to get the mental block of NICE HILL out of MY MIND and I'm bringing friends who have never ran it...WITH ME!  Take that NICE HILL!  I'm bringing FRIENDS!  So if you are FREE this Friday and are bored, CRAZY...or just want to know what I'm talking us at the GYM...around 9:45ish!

7-Layer dip just seemed right for Super Bowl.

Had a FABULOUS day with TALL-MOM, I call her Mel...A fun relaxing afternoon with yummy food and great company.  The boys did so well playing, which is always a wonderful thing!  5 boys...that isn't always the case.  We ate, chatted, ate some more and caught up on what's been happening oh and watched a little of the super bowl.  Oh and I also ran on her 'Mill...had to test it out of course...I ran .10 or .20 miles...yah...I really pushed myself!  Thanks Mel for having us over, we had a great time hanging out!  Max got in the car and asked if we could come over tomorrow.  Friends are GREAT!!!

How fun is dressing up?
Iron Man is pretty darn cute!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday - Frustration Edition

Ughhhh....I'm frustrated!

1)  The Scale...I hate it!  Really weight...a pound, that is how much you are going to move?  I know everyone says don't rely on the scale, but what am I to do? I feel like I'm working out like crazy (maybe I just feel like I am) and NOTHING, NOTTA...NOPE!  Nothing seems to be happening.  I like to stay positive, but COME this a joke!  Weight can pile on like crazy but to get it off...not so easy!  Let's be honest though, I'm not eating perfect, but it's not awful.  I guess I need to get back to writing it down so I can see what the problem is.  I just wish I could be one of those people who all of a sudden stop drinking POP (or something) and lose 5 pounds, but no...I have never been one of those lucky ones.  Weight is just a struggle and not I'm irritated!  On the POSITIVE side...I have seen my strength greatly improve so I know that is good sign, but why won't the scale show something then.  Why is losing weight so hard for me? 

2)  Running!  I miss my running time.  I am totally struggling to fit it in.  I guess am not good at multitasking!  With COLD weather (I know its MUCH colder in other areas) dark mornings and nights, the thought of being outside is not that appealing right now.  With limited childcare I have not been getting any runs in.  I want to run, but the time has not been allowing it.  I'm really looking forward to WARM weather and longer days so I can do evening runs!  Come back sunshine!  I don't want to be a seasonal runner, but it seems like my current position is just that!  Hoping over the weekend I can do a little of it so I can get out of my funk.  I had no idea that working 2 extra mornings would totally rearrange my schedule, who knew? 

3)  Bills!  Who loves money, paying bills and anything related to that?  I used to and I used to be really be organized with our bills with nice spreadsheets, reports, categorized was AWESOME!  It took me a lot of time to keep up with it, but it was so fun.  Now...this has all changed once kids came into the picture and I'm no where near where I used to be with my reports and spreadsheets.  I'm asking for help!  I have used for a while, but it's kind of annoying and is slow.  What do you use?  How do you keep it organized (if you don't mind sharing)? 

Positive side of things...I hate to be a downer especially when there are some fun things happening!  This last weekend we went to Safeco Field for FAN FEST.  Our boys LOVE, Love baseball so it was fun to go on the field, tour the clubhouse, run the bases and just have a fun FAMILY day.

Fun Famly!

Max not so happy, but Cole was loving it!

2nd Base!

Testing out the players helmet and bat, how fun!

Lets go throw some balls in the outfield!

My them!

Max having a fun time in the outfield.

Loren and I having some fun!

You know it was a good day when this is what happens!

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