Saturday, October 9, 2010

Portland Marathon-Pre-Spectating Edition

So excited to spectate such a fun marathon!  Mel and I have a plan and a great morning planned.  Glad I'm not spectating alone, that wouldn't be near as much fun.  We are wearing our running clothes so we can run around town watching our friend run!'re kind of jealous now, aren't you?  Fun day with friends, photo's and many memories to be had.

The weather will be wet, but what kind of October race in the Pacific Northwest would be fun without our friend, the rain?  We will tough it out with all the other runners, but the great part is we can stop for coffee and almost croissants to warm-up (not to warm-up our body's to run...mostly to warm-up in the cold, PNW weather). 

Tomorrow will be a bitter sweet day as we say goodbye, for a little while to our friend Amanda.  She is an amazing gal who besides just preparing for a marathon this week, has also packed up her house to prepare moving across the country. about a marathon!  Amanda- I will miss you t-town buddy!  Who will ever understand t-town like you do?  You are going to do great tomorrow...I know you will!  We will see you soon, hopefully on the East Coast!  We will be keeping it REAL over the BLOGsphere!

Now it's time to go, but wanted to update my blogging friends with the HAPPENINGS of right now!  I'm sure there will be much to report after all the festivities tomorrow.  GOOD LUCK to all who are running tomorrow.  Great city, great marathon...GOOD LUCK and ENJOY your VICTORY LAP!

A BIG thank you so Stacie for hosting a yummy dinner at Macaroni Grill!  I love our bloggie/carbo loading, meet-ups. 

Time for bed...early wake-up...well early for me!  See you in a few hours, Mel!  Nightie, night everyone!


Robin said...

Looking forward to reading about your spectating adventures! Thanks for joining the Turtles Tribe. It's great to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know you. :-)

I see we share lots o' bloggy friends...yay! Great community!

*hugs* from Orlando!

Jess "Blonde Pony" said...

Thanks Jill for being an awesome spectator!!! Lovin' the bloggy community!

FruitFly said...

I laugh when I read people whining about the rain. Or even when my co-workers try to TELL me I won't run because it is raining. Oh yeah? Really? I won't? 'Cause um, I live in Oregon and if I'm not going to learn to enjoy running in the rain, well then I should just give up running all together!

Must Love. The. Rain.! :)

Sounds like you had a great plan for the race. Now I will go read how it all went!

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