Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love to run...

...I hate to RUN!

I love to RUN with friends!
I love to RUN alone!

I love RUNning with Hills!
I love RUNning on a flat course!

I love RUNning at night
I love RUNning  in the morning, late morning...or early morning!


I love that I can RUN a marathon again, if I want too!
I love that I never have to RUN a marathon because I already did it! (a marathon is 26.2 miles...just an fyi)

I love RUNning in a skirt!
I love RUNning in a tank!


I love to RUN with music...
I love to RUN with no music.


I love to RUN so I can think...
I love to RUN so I don't have to think!


I love training for a race...
I love when I can RUN with no race in mind!


I love to RUN in the sun...
I love to RUN in the rain!


I love to RUN!
I hate to RUN!


Just some of my thoughts on a recent RUN!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Run 5k

This was one fun RUN!  My fun run almost didn't happen due to a conflict with hubby's schedule but thanks to great friends and a wonderful MOM...I was able to make it.  I really didn't want to miss out on seeing my running girlfriends. It's so rare that we get to do these runs together!  We have a wonderful group of local bloggers, minus 1 now...Amanda!  Though she will always be a local blogger even if she moved to the EAST Coast!  And Zoe couldn't make it because Goober...I mean Isla is keeping her busy, but we hope to see Isla running her first 1k soon! 

Socks...need I say more!
I woke up to rain and wasn't thrilled, but had to pick up my running buddy, Jamie so I was committed!  Got my most crazy Santa outfit on...ok, so maybe not totally crazy, but hey...I tried.  Thanks to Jamie for picking up our cute, striped socks.  Green tea and some Almond butter on a bagel...and I was ready to go. 

We had to do day of packet pick up because they would not give me my packet at 3:15 the day before...really...the packets that are right won't let me grab because I'm a little early!  I actually had no idea what time packet-pick-up was...I just happened to be by there and figured I would swing by...guess they had other plans.  Whatever!!!

Jamie, Mel, me, Kerrie and  Chelsea...where were you?
Happy to find parking, find my friends and get our packets with no problems.  Got some cute pictures...that is a must!  One potty stop and we were ready to GO!  My toes were cold, but I was ok...(you were worried, weren't you)!  I'm a tough cookie!  Have I mentioned that I haven't been running much or have you just gathered that from my lack of blogging and daily mile?  Well...I'm a little out of shape, but what's a 5k?  Well today...a 5k felt a little further.  Why is it that you can run a marathon, but when you know you are going to run 3.1 seem further.  Yah...RUNNING...IT's MENTAL!  I was happy to have my friends around.  So happy that Jamie is running again!

Aren't we FUN!

I love these kind of races because people get so creative.  I have no creativity in me and ALWAYS appreciate CREATIVITY when I see it.  Tons to see.  I'm sure Mel will post some great pictures!  (Note to self...when wearing a hat...put your hair down...way cuter!)

And that's what happens...not just when I finish...but when I see my buddies!  It did help that they had a camera!

The Start line for Max...
Getting READY to GO!

I'm a proud MAMA!

The race was fun and I was happy when I was done so I could go get Max for his race.  There is such excitement to see your kids run a race.  Max was totally excited and after his race asked when his next race is!  Love it!  I need to do some training with Max because HE goes out super fast and dies quickly...well the HILL didn't help.  I debated on running with him and glad I went with him because he wanted to walk pretty quickly so we walked and then turned around a little sooner then the official turn around and headed back.  He did great and crossed the finish line like a champ.  Such a proud moment for this mommy runner!

Max finishing...Way to go little buddy!

All in all a great day.  I love days like this!  Running, pictures, FRIENDS!  Great day.  Oh and I forgot my garmin so I don't know what my official time was.  The results haven't been published yet.  THANKS TO MEL and her MOM for having a GREAT camera to take some great shots.  It's always nice having a personal photographer!  THANK YOU!
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