Saturday, March 13, 2010

10 Miles with a local Bloggy friend...5 Miles 2 Empty - Amanda!

I had a 10 miler scheduled this week but wasn't feeling too excited about it. My husband has been on vacation, which means...I am too. Running hasn't been as exciting to me this week...maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my lack of routine this week? Not sure! Good thing that I have some local bloggy friends! Amanda lives near me and we have talked about running together before so I was excited when it worked out to do just that...oh and I won her she had to deliver some fun goodies too.

When I woke up on Friday morning and heard raindrops...I wasn't excited. I was hoping it would stop but no luck...I texted Amanda to see if we were still on for running in the rain and she was game so figured it was GO time. Accountability is so important, especially on days that you don't feel like running. I would not have run if I had not run with Amanda. We were lucky that the rain decided to take a break for our run and there was not a drop the whole way! I love the route we was a perfect 10 miler that brought us from downtown Tacoma to Ruston waterfront and back. Running with new friends is great because you have so much to chat about which makes the miles go by faster. We started off a little fast for me, but figured I would do what I could and I was so happy with my overall pace. I am a slow runner the further I go so figured it would be great to see what I could do running with someone who has a faster pace than me. Thanks Amanda for sticking with me…even though it was slower for you. Running with a local running friend made me excited to run Mercer Island half marathon next weekend. I was up in the air and hadn’t registered but after Amanda mentioned lunch afterwards with everyone…I knew I had to do it. So really…I am running a half so I can have lunch with new, bloggy, running friends afterwards. Totally worth it!

3.12.10 Stats:

Miles: 10.01
Pace: 10:00
Time: 1:40:12
Calories: 1307


Mile 1: 9:08
Mile 2: 9:31
Mile 3: 9:48
Mile 4: 9:55
Mile 5: 10:06
Mile 6: 10:17
Mile 7: 10:29
Mile 8: 10:15
Mile 9: 10:12
Mile 10: 10:26

818.17  – 10.01 = 808.16 miles left to run in 2010

Who doesn't love PICTURES!!!  Silly ladies!


Anne said...

Looks like a great run and congrats on signing up for the half...looking forward to reading all about it!


Super fun! So jealous that so many of you get to run together next week! It's going to be awesome!

Jen said...

So cool. I need to find a local bloggy buddy. I got out there in the rain today by myself... it was warmer though.

Anonymous said...

Good job on your run! You are so funny that you decided to run a 1/2 because of lunch afterward! Actually, I would have done the same thing ;)

~ Jill said...

Looks like so much fun! And running for lunch and possible new friends makes total sense to me :-)

ajh said...

I love signing up for a half for a fun lunch after. Good thinking! Good job on your run on a rainy day. I ran today when it was terrible out and thank goodness my friend came down to get me!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So glad you girls had a blast. And that you are going to do MERCER!! Yippee.. It will be great to ride together and chat it up. FINALLY.. hugs to both of you for a strong 10 miler

Julie said...

Looks like a nice run with good company:) Congrats on signing up for the Mercer Half!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Yay! So fun!! So now I see you ARE running Sunday!! Yipeeee!!! Can't wait!!!

Great times! How was that first mile? 9:08??! Sorry I made you go fast but you did awesome!!! The pace was perfect for me and my first run post-rest! Well have to do it again! Maybe for a 16++ miler?

See you sunday!

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