Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tips and Ziplock Bags!

Please don't ever pass up an opportunity to run a relay.  It's such an amazing experience and really makes it so much fun running with a team.  Very different than any other race I have done running for myself.  For sure to be a great memory for you.

A few of you had asked for some tips and things to pack for a relay.  I will do my best to help.  I was very concerned on what I would need and packed way to much, but I really had no idea what to expect. 

Tips for running a 24 hour relay:
  • Run 2 times a day, a couple times before the relay.
  • Run a midnight run, if you can do it safely.
  • (I didn't do either of these, but if you can it will help you better know what to expect)
  • Pick a great TEAM!
  • Have Fun!
  • Enjoy it!
  • Push yourself in your goes by fast.

What to pack:
  • Plastic Ziploc bags to put your sweaty clothes in after running and don't open until you are ready to put them in the washer!!!  This was HUGE!  Stinky people, sweaty clothes...24+ hours in a van together...The Ziploc bags help a ton.
  • 3 complete running outfits, socks and bra's too. (at least a new set for each run you have)
  • Cozy clothes if you have time to change in between legs
  • Hand towel, to wipe sweat from your face
  • Baby wipes to wipe sweat from your body.
  • Blanket and/or sleeping bag and a pillow.  When you need to sleep you want to be cozy!
  • Warm clothes for the evening, it gets cold, well at least here in the Northwest it does.
Above is just a few that you might not think of.  There is more that you need to pack, but these our unusual things  When you are done with your runs you don't have time to cool down, you just jump right back into the van so you are very sweaty!  Baby wipes and hand towels help a ton.

Food!  This is a tough one.  I brought too much and didn't eat much.  You kind of eat because you know you need too, but you don't ever really feel like eating much.  We went to dinner in between our 1st and 2nd legs and that was WONDERFUL!  Pretzels where a hit and yogurt for breakfast.  Bring whatever you think you might need.  Energy bars are great since you need to have energy most of the time and they aren't a huge meal.  I had one before a couple of my runs which was nice. 

I am sure I will think of more after I post this, but for it is.  Hope it helps.  If you have any other tips and/or suggestions please leave a comment with your great info.

Last training run before Ragnar in Pictures!

July 20, 2010
Miles: 4.56
Pace: 9:45
Time: 44:15
Calories: 569

Following what Racing with Babes and Tall-Mom had done a few weeks ago.  I would have posted this sooner, but just didn't have time. 

The Center at Norpoint!  My gym...

Where I start almost all of my runs from the GYM!
Mile 1...DONE!
My favorite down hill, before the climb up Mile-Long Hill.

Mile 2...Done
Half-way done with Mile-Long Hill

Mile 3...Done
Mile 4...Done
Not the shot I thought I got.  Top of Nice Hill, almost back to the gym.

With my Fave running skirt...done with my run! 
4.56 Miles up Ragnar...which you have read all about!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Ragnar...

Ok let’s get back to RAGNAR, shall we? I finished my first run and almost didn’t tell my team that I stopped to pick blueberries, if they had wondered why only had a 9:23 pace for 6.7 miles…that would be why? They were $1 a pound and I am a sucker for blueberries. Ok so maybe I never stopped but I thought it would be a funny story to tell them. Where did my sub 9 minute pace go? To the blueberries…that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Leg #1 done
Miles: 6.77
Pace: 9:23
Time: 1:03
Calories: 858

We watched Shannon finish her first leg which she killed. She passed at least 10 people. She was our last runner, so it was time to re-fuel before our next run which would be in the early hours of Saturday morning. Got some burgers took some showers and with a minor detour (we got lost) we finally made it to our next exchange to start our next leg. It was cold and I was starting to get tired, not good with a “Very Hard” 5 miler at 2:30 am ahead of me. I tried to take a little bit of a nap but it wasn’t happening. We saw our running from Van #1 come in and it was time for Remy to start his hardest, longest leg through La Conner. I have never been to La Conner and can’t wait to go back in the day light because it looked like such a cute town. We were staying close to Remy since it was so dark and talking about what an amazing runner this guy is when we noticed him walking, then he started to run and then walked again and started limping…this is not good. Min and I jumped out of the car to see what was wrong. He had twisted his knee and was out. He was one of our best runners and had 2 long, hard legs ahead of him so that meant we were going to have to figure something out. Min jumped in and ran his leg and as a team everyone stepped up to take extra miles on to get it done. I loved seeing the team jump in and do whatever it took to get the miles done.
My next leg was coming up. It was right passed the Anacortes Ferry docks. I stopped to go to the bathroom, but decided to take my light in. Port-potties are scary during the day and knew I I would be in trouble without a headlamp in there. Luckily the gal in front of me warned me…thank goodness she did. Someone had literally peed all over the seat and didn’t clean up after themselves…REALLY, REALLY! I didn’t have time to wipe it off because I was about to start my run so I skipped to another. Thank goodness for the light or that would have been a WET, nasty mess. Note to all of you…always take a light into the porta-potties at night.
The body is an amazing thing. When you think you won’t be able to do something because of all the obstacles in the way…you can. The body and mind play against each other until its game time and then it just does what it needs to do. The nights leading up to my relay I woke up in the middle of the night wondering how I could I run at this insane hour. How would I feel? Could I do it? How would I do it? Would adrenaline kick in? Well it does and it did, it’s so amazing how your body does what you tell it to do…you just kind of go on auto-pilot and do it. Especially when you have a team of people to run for and they are there cheering you on as you do it.
Corinne came flying in yelling that she passed 13 people, but I am sure it was more like 15… or more. She is an amazing runner, even with an injury. I was excited and nervous to see how this run would go. Night, cold, tired dark…hmmm! I started off and it was dark. I was wearing a headlamp and also holding a light in my hand so I could see directly at my feet, the headlamp was shining a foot or so ahead and I was scared of repeating Remy’s injury so I wanted to be careful. I also wore a reflective vest and a red blinky light. I saw the first sign that told me to turn left but couldn’t see it until I was right in front of it. Hoped I was going the right way. I passed a gal in the first mile, which always feels great. I was nervous for this run because it was going to be hilly and I had been told by numerous Ragnar veterans that this was a very hard leg…that scared me. The good part…I couldn’t see in front of me so I had no idea what to expect until I was running the hill. The view on this run was one I will never forget. The moonlight reflecting off the water with mountains in the background, I don’t think I have seen beauty like this. The calm of the night was like nothing I had ever experienced, it was amazing…calm and peaceful. There were times I had a couple runner by me and cars driving by but for the most part it was just me with no one around, no sound, just the silence and the midnight view oh and I guess my own feet and my heavy breathing as I pushed through. I wish I could describe it better and I wish I could experience midnight runs more…it was a highlight for sure. I thought the worst of the hills was over until I passed the “One Mile Left” marker and in the distance saw blinky lights moving up, and up…That part was not a highlight…knowing I had a HUGE hill coming up, towards the end. It’s strange knowing you have a hill coming up by seeing blinky lights moving up and up…funny really. I couldn’t not see the end at all…it was dark, I made a turn and ran down a hill and heard Jen and Corinne say “We are right here, Jill” I couldn’t see a thing…just shadows of people and a big, bright light. Finally I made it to Jen who was taking the next leg which would take her over the bridge to Deception Pass.

Leg #2
2:32 AM
Miles: 4.74
Pace: 9:27
Time: 44:49
Calories: 602

As a team we finished our 2nd Leg and had 5 people run 6 legs, we were proud of what we had done as a team and were ready for some sleep. We got to our team exchange and watched Jen come in to hand off to Alice for the last leg. I was tired and cold and was kind of jealous that Van 1 only had the leg in front of them and then they were done, we still had a long way until we were done. We saw Alice off and we were off to the final exchange where we would sleep and get ready for our last legs. We got to the next exchange and were finally able to sleep and it felt so good. Again, amazing how the body can function on little sleep. It felt like I had slept for a while, but I think it had only been 45 minutes, but I had actually gone into a deep sleep. I felt so better when I woke up. The sun was out and it was time to get ready for our last leg. We still had to decide what we were going to do since Remy couldn’t run. Someone was going to have to run twice. I had been looking forward to my easy, short leg (for our last leg I had the shortest distance) but realized I probably would need to give that up since someone was going to have to run twice. I took Corinne’s leg of 4.3 mile which didn’t seem bad; it was labeled “Moderate” (I would soon despise that word and want to hurt the person who made that call) with a few more hills then what I would have run. Everyone was stepping up and I knew I could do it so I was that big of a deal.

Waking up...

Good morning...

Always the view you want to see when you wake up...

We waited for Holly to come in and for Van #1 to be totally done with their Ragnar running and it was our turn to finish this race up for our team. Corinne took a hard leg even though she had an injured achilles. It was foggy and cold but we were all excited to get the show on the road. We followed her and watched her do an amazing job on a long run that she had not planned doing. Next up was Min and this guy is a machine and such an encouragement to everyone around him. He had a very good size hill that was steep and he could have zoomed up, which he did, but he also helped people up…encouraging them to the top, I loved watching that. Next up was Jen and this was her hardest leg which was hilly and long. The decent to her exchange with me was a mile of STRAIGHT DOWN…it was so steep, it was scary driving down it. Next up was my leg which I was excited to do and finish my last run at Ragnar. I made my last trip to the bathroom and when I came out, Remy was running around? I was so confused. He said his knee had been feeling better and he decided he was going to run the next leg after me! What…we were so impressed with him. That was exciting to see. Jen came running down the hill with a huge smile on her face and passed off the bracelet for the final time and I made my way up a very steep climb! Was feeling good and had climbed the steep hill and was ready for a good run…started running down a hill and saw what was ahead…A mother size of a hill that makes NICE hill look…well Nice! It was huge, not only was it long and hilly but I noticed all the team, support vans stopping mid-way. Not a great sign seeing all the team vans pulling over to support their runners, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I tried to get it out of my mind, but it was staring me right in the face, I was worried. I saw my team up ahead and then saw Min with water, but he wasn’t just stopping to give me water, he was going to run the hill with me! Oh my gosh…this was such a gift, one that meant more than he will ever know. I have to say, at first I didn’t think it would help me much but it helped me tremendously. Min is a personal trainer and has taught boot camp at our gym and is just a huge encouragement for everyone at our gym. He will stop and work with you at anytime at the gym if he thinks you need help, he truly is a great guy. While he was coaching me up the hill, (other vans were encouraging m e too) he just kept helping me visualize things and it helped so much. I made it…I had made it to the top and was so proud of myself and so thankful for my team and for Min helping me up that mother! Now time to finish! I was getting so excited, especially when I saw “One Mile Left”…I was almost done, but not before another hill that was very similar to “Nice Hill” at the very end…really, really Ragnar? Oh well…time to push it up and then it was straight down to hand off to Remy for his last leg.
Leg #3
Miles: 4.25
Pace: 9:09
Time: 38:05
Calories: 528

I was shocked when I saw my pace for this leg since it was so hard, but it was my fastest pace of all my legs. Never thought that by leg #3 that I would have a faster pace than all the others, figured it would have been my slowest! Guess your body will surprise you sometime!
Remy did amazing and ran just as fast as he would off without a knee injury…it was so inspiring to watch! Next up was Shannon and off she went for her last leg. The next time we would see her was at the finish line. We drove to the finish and waited for her to come in. We found Van#1 and waited. Shannon came running in and as a team we ran (all 12 of us) to the finish line! It was such a great ending to this race. The medals...Well it’s my favorite one so far, plus it’s a bottle opener too...NICE! We got a few pictures and then it was time to head back home.

Jen and Min waiting...


This is such a long post…

My next post will be about how much I loved RAGNAR, if you didn’t know that already and I will list some things I learned, what I might do differently and what I packed…as requested. Until then….

Pretty nice...don't ya think?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ragnar and Leg #1


What a memorable, crazy experience Ragnar Relay was! I don’t think I will be able to come close to describing it all in my recap. First I want to say that it was like nothing I have ever done before. Everything felt different and exciting in an entirely different way. The whole team effort thing changes the whole dynamic of the runs that you do. From supporting runners to being supported, it was one of the most fun things I have done.

The dynamics of the race are crazy, 187 miles, 24 hours, 3 legs, two vans, no sleep, sweaty people, little food, competing with other runners, beautiful sites, night running, moonlight, red blinky lights, text tattling, porto-potties galore, funny outfits, crazy team names, holy HILLS, laughter, hot sun, downhill, and an amazing team describe it a little.

So true...

I really had no idea what to expect. I knew who most of my team were but have never spent a lot of time with them so I was looking forward to getting to know them better and I all I can say is that in a van for 36 hours with no sleep…you get to know people! I will say that I really have nothing bad to say at all…all of it was great.
Our Team name: Smells Like Team Spirit

Team Members:
Van #1 Alice, Jordan, Dave, Lindsay, Darcy and Holly
Van #2 Remy, Min, Jen, Corinne, Jill and Shannon

Start time: 11 am Blaine, WA
We decorated our van the night before which was great to meet the majority of our team. Woke up early and headed out for Blaine. Packing is a challenge when you don’t know what you will need. I realize now that I packed too much stuff and had way to much stuff all over the van…lesson learned.

The starting line...

Alice starting us out. She is an amazing runner. She ran Boston this last March!

Here our some of the crazy costumes....


Since we were van #2 and didn’t start until 4 pm or so we had some down time. We saw Alice off at the starting line after some team pictures and headed to get some lunch before we met up at the exchange. Was hoping for a nice sit down meal before our starting time, but no luck and downed a burger from twilight zone hamburger place. Not my usual fuel but I was desperate! It really was a strange place, but the burger was good. Got to our exchange and waited for our team to come in.

Jen and I before all the crazy running began.

Go, Min Go

The ladies of Van #2 Shannon, Jen and Corinne

You can't read it but it says.."I'm petrified of Nipple Chafing"
The gents of Van #2 Remy and Min

Van #1...finishing their first LEG...our turn now.

I was curious to see how things would change once we started the race and it was GAME on once Remy started his leg. Remy was our first runner and went out like a champ! He had super hilly 1st Leg and KILLED it. He is a great runner…super speedy. IT was fun to cheer him on throughout his leg.

Exchange 6...where it begins for Van #2

Holly finishing her first leg...Way to Go HOLLY!

Van #1 finishes and Van #2 begins...Go Remy!

That is a hill and he still had more to go!
A few more runners and then it was my turn…Runner #11. My first leg was marked as hard and would be my longest of the 3. I had a major hill, then downhill and then flat. Looked decent….Corinne handed me the bracelet and I was off. My pace was way too fast during the beginning, sub 8’s and I knew I had to slow down to make it through, but it was feeling so great. Great music and it was shady during my run. Headed up the hill and it wasn’t bad…it was a good size hill, kind of like Mile Long hill but maybe a tad steeper. But then my iPod stopped working, just died…maybe because it was in my sweaty bra? Who knows but it had still not turned back on. I was so bummed because I had just downloaded some great music and was only 1.5 miles into my first leg…this was not good. My team drove by and I told them and at the top of the next hill our team captain Jen loaded me an ipod…whewww! Luckily I have run without an iPod so it wasn’t all bad. I just figured God preferred I talk to him for a bit during this leg which I was down with. Had a great few miles of talking to God about some things and then turned some music on for the long flat part of my leg. The view was AMAZING, beautiful farm lands and cute houses all around. Other teams cheered me on and it was so fun seeing my team drive my hollering cheers at me. It strange that when you’re running for a team, you push yourself so much harder the WHOLE time, it’s weird and I can’t say that I have ever experienced that feeling before. It was so exciting and the time seemed to FLY by and before I knew it….I was passing the bracelet onto Shannon, our last runner before we exchanged with Van #1 and we got a long break.

Waiting for Corinne

Corinne finishing her first and me starting my first

Woohooo...there is my team!  Loved seeing my team on my runs!

Running at about mile 3 of my first leg.

This is getting long and we aren’t even halfway through…more to come!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Why do I always wake up earlier than I need to.  I am 30 minutes early and am totally ready.  Well I guess that leaves me time to do a quick post.  I am heading out for the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  I am excited and nervous because this is unlike anything I have ever done.  Everyone on the team is faster than me but few have run a full marathon, not sure if that makes a difference or not...but hey...I will take it.  I am running a harder leg than initially planned and I hope it goes well. 

Runner 11:

Leg 1   6:23 pm    6.8 Miles Hard
Leg 2   2:34 am    4.7 Miles VERY Hard
Leg 3   10:46 am  3.7 Miles Moderate

I have packed and have my outfits and food ready to go.  Who knows how much sleep I will get...not much I am sure.  The smell of 6 other runners will be one to remember I am sure...and not for the better. Our team name is "Smell Like Team Spirit"...which will for sure be true. 

Pray that it all goes well and that I do well.  Especially for Leg 2!  I have never run in the dark, but I am sure it will be an experience...very calming, scary and I am sure other things!  Hoping for the best.  I have logged many miles so in that way I feel prepared, but running in a new place can be different and to have no idea how the hills are is a little scary.  I have hills in all of the runs, but Leg 2 has the most...should be FUN!

Next post....Ragnar Race Recap!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 Miles is so great with a friend!

Saturday was my first double digit run since my marathon and it felt so good.  Again it was at Ruston which I love for a 10's the perfect route.  The route is great because it's broken into 3 sections that seem to make it easy on the mental side of things.  I was bummed that I couldn't run with the "You Go Girl" training group, but I hope to do that in a couple of weeks.  The plan was for for Andrea to pick me up at 5:45 am so we could get the run over without wasting the majority of the morning.  Set the alarm, which I never do and went to bed.  Slept great until my eyes opened at is was alarm didn't go off.  Andrea was already parked in front of my house ready to go.  Ran down stairs and popped a bagel into the toaster, I had to eat something for my 10 miler, got dressed and was out the door in about 15 minutes.  I didn't feel like running once we got there, I was tired and frustrated about my alarm, but we started running and after about a mile I was feeling good.  The weather was great, a little cold when we started but you warm up so fast when you're running.  A little over 3 miles we ran into Diana and the other gals who were starting their training run for You Go Girl...always fun running into friends on a run.  Finished the waterfront and started to head back with a stop at Starbucks for some water.  At mile 8.5 we ran into Diana and crew again and chatted for a few and then onto the finish.  It was a great run and I could have kept going...I love those kind of runs.  I am still in shock at how great my legs have been feeling and hope I can say the same after Ragnar this weekend.

In some exciting friend, Rachel who I ran with on Monday (recap tomorrow) is very crafty.  She had heard about the sweaty bands and decided to start making them.  I love crafty people as I am not CRAFTY at ALL!  I wish I was!  She made two to test out and I can't wait to see how it holds up at Ragnar this weekend.  If it works I will be for sure doing my first giveaway with these great head bands. She is trying to figure out a name for them...any ideas?   As of now I love them and they work great.  I especially love the look of the one she made for me to test...Black with white stitching....isn't it cute?

Friday, July 16, 2010

100 & 97!

100 Followers and my 97th post...AMAZING!  I noticed 2 weeks ago that I had 100 followers and then the next day it was back to 99, maybe someone was tired of my cuteness and speedy runs?  Either way I am so excited to have 100 followers today! Thank you to Lisa at From Fat to Marathon runner for being my 100th follower!  Lisa, I can't wait to read more of your blog.  Did you really run the London Marathon?  I have to read on to find out all these details.

I had a GREAT run with Jamie yesterday and can't believe that I forgot to take a picture afterwards.  Too hard to remember when all your thinking about is getting you kid strapped in and finding a G2.  It was a fun (HOT) run of 8 miles and we got to catch up on all things running.  We talked about how we used to be so nervous to run with people, but we find it so enjoyable now.  I have to say that running with someone and talking can slow you down a bit, plus just coming off a marathon, I am a bit slower at the moment, but I would take running with someone and chatting it up anytime over a solo killer pace run.  Thank you Jamie for letting me go my pace and spending 8 miles with me.  So fun getting to know a friend over a run.  I am really looking forward to more runs with friends now that my marathon.  I'm also excited to watch Jamie go after her marathon dreams and hope to do some training runs with her as she gets into the long runs.

Since we didn't get a picture, here is one from the 4h of July!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tomorrow, I will RUN!

Looking forward to my run tomorrow with Jamie at Nurse Runner.  This will be our first runner together and I can't wait.  She is faster than me, but hey...that is not that unusual.  She has just started training for her marathon so we will have so much to talk about it.  Plus this will be the first time we will be hanging out without our boys!  Isn't running great.  She is struggling with some knee issues so please visit her blog and see if you can offer any tips and/or ideas for her.

Still working on my rental house and the last two days have been DIFFICULT!  Today seems to be a little better and I think running tomorrow will be a great stress reliever.  I did get in a couple runs in the last few days and they have felt great.  It's amazing how much running is such a stress reliever.  Getting out there was the hardest part but once I was going, it felt great.  They were both evening runs and it was so nice to enjoy the blue sky's and the sun setting.  Saturday I figured I would go 3-5 miles, but my legs wanted more and I ended up going 8.5 and only ended because it was dark and I had no reflective gear on.  I really could have kept going.  Plus I wore my AMAZING running skirt that I LOVE.  I think my cousin, Jenny loves them too!  She just got her skirt and sweaty band and is in love...but who isn't when you get their amazing products.  RUNNING ROCKS!  My next run wasn't as easy but it felt good to do it.  Running was the last thing I wanted to do but knew I had to do it and of course I was so glad I did it.  I love running this time of year because of how light it is in the's the best.

Tonia is the best at these pics...You have to teach me Tonia!  I can do self portraits but getting it from this angle is hard.  Can we book a training session for full body shots Tonia...lets say September?

One week until Ragnar and I hope I will be ready, but either way it's a week away and I have to keep running.  I am so glad I had something on the calendar because with everything going on I would have for sure not been running much.  RAGNAR saved the day.  It's sure to be a FUN 24 hours!  ANY tips about RAGNAR, RELAYS?  Anything?  You know how much I love advice, tips and anything else you think might help. 

Here are a couple pictures from today with my niece and nephew in their mom's mini...I thought it was cute and had to get a picture!
Chase-Man buckled himself and one prompted him...he just did it. Not sure if I am more scared about that or what...I will just call it cute for now.

"Key Mommy" He kept asking for the was cracking me up!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Hot, but I got a NEW pool!

It's HOT!  And I don't mean Paris Hilton HOT either.  How do you all run in crazy HOT weather?  I guess you get acclimated to certain weather so it's normal for most of you.  Hats off to those of you who continue to run and endure those crazy temps.  Due to this warm weather and other crazy things going on in my life...Running has fell to the back burner for this week.  I am thinking of maybe fitting in a evening run tonight, since tomorrow will be out of the question.  I have Ragnar in less than two weeks so I have got to keep it up and stay focused.

I have been consumed with fixing up our rental house for new tenants.  It's consuming me and also some other family things going on that I had refereed to before my marathon.  If you know me well, you know that very few things stress me out...but a those few that do are happening right now.  Our rental house is totally stressing me out, which is no good.  We have had to pull-up the carpets, re-paint, flea bomb the house 4 times and still have a work party happening tomorrow to fix more stuff.  I am OVERWHELMED like never before and it's hard to see an end in sight.  Maybe that's why I haven't been blogging much lately...too much crazy stuff going on at the moment.  We had to kick out the non-paying tenants, who haven't pain since April and now have to pour more money into cleaning up everything they messed up...not fun.  Sorry that I am venting...This is also why I need to run.  See what happens when I am thrown off my schedule and running takes a back seat....nothing good. 

In some GOOD news, (minus the crap going on) we have had such a fun week.  I have to say that the only thing better than enjoying summer as a kid, is watching your kids enjoy their summer.  Don't be jealous, buuuuttttt we have a new's new and I don't want to brag but it's pretty FREAKING awesome.  The four of us...hubby, both kids and I enjoyed it yesterday as we soaked in the sun and refreshed ourselves in the cool water!  I can't believe how some water can make life so much fun when you're in the sun.  We have a slide in our pool too which the kids love.  I am now the pool cleaner, which I don't mind...kind of fun.  Here are some pictures of our lovely pool...again...please don't be jealous...we are just really blessed (with 50% of at Fred could be too).

Ok so maybe it's just another kiddie pool, but we love it.  And I was not joking...all 4 of us were in it...always a good time at our house!  How great that something so little could be so much fun.

Yep...told ya we had a slide!  Jealous yet?
Max is a little big for this..but don't tell him.
Hello Cole!
Can't beat Watermelon on a hot day!
Oh and a lot of baseball....Cole is a fanatic!

Because of all the craziness I wasn't able to run the GREAT, AFFORDABLE 5k this morning with Tall-Mom and Muscle man.  Mel did great!  Wish I could have done it...I am dying to run a 5k.  Maybe I will go do that right now!  Thanks for checking out our new pool!  Feel free to come on over anytime you want to take a ride down our water slide...You are always welcome!  Just can't guarantee the 90 degree weather. 

Oh and a MAJOR shout out to Steph who ran her first 50 miler today....there are some amazing people in our bloggy world!  Congrats Steph...You are AMAZING.
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